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Selected  Excerpts of Panegyric Statements For Dr. Ambedkar
(Respectfully remembering Dr Ambedkar on his 121st Janam Divas falling on 14 th April 2012)

Bharat Ratana Baba Saheb  Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar  was born on 14 th April 1891 at Mhow to revered Subedar Ramji Sakhpal & Mata Bhimabai of Mahar Community. It is said that Mahars were the rulers of Maharashtra ( Mahar + Rashtra ) but because of  Hindu agony  & caste based  values, they were reduced to the level of Untouchables, Sudras, Ati sudra, whose only shadow was considered enough to pollute an upper caste Hindu. Ambedkar worked over 18 hours a day & at times sky was his roof & the earth his floor, so due to handwork of duo father & son. Bhimrao was married to Ramabai at the tender age of 17 years when his wife was only of 9 years. Mata Ramabai stood like a rock by her Saheb in the later life  till her death on May 27,  1935.  Bhimrao earned world’s Highest academic  Degrees of ( London ); PhD & LL.D  (Columbia ); M.A ; D. Lit ( Osmania )  Bar –at- Law (London ) . Dr Ambedkar knew seven languages. Dr Ambedkar also served  on highly prestigious positions  as Labor member of Viceroy’s Executive Council (1942-46 ) ; First Law Minister Of Independent India & earned the distinction of selection as Chairman Of the Constitution Drafting  Committee to draft Constitution for free India & is so called “ father Of Indian constitution.” Some called him Mother of Indian Constitution as well. He proved an emancipator for Dalits, a torch bearer for the liberation of slaves’ world over & an insurmountable rock for his opponents. A recent extensive survey based list of one hundred most intelligent personalities of world prepared  by London based university depicted Dr Ambedkar at serial number one. He contributed for the freedom of India, but more for the Dalits, who were slaves to the slaves of British India.  He was highly praised by those who understood his odious cause for the liberation of his Dalit community persons, but also abused as traitor by those who never appreciated his mission of life & wanted to maintain status-quo in social, political, economic & religious spheres even after independence. Many people from different shades of life have expressed their views on the working, personality, handwork, knowledge, experience, contributions, commitment to his mission of Dr Ambedkar to eulogized Doctor’s services to different fields. Dr. Ambedkar passed away in his sleep at 26 Alipore roads New Delhi on 6th of December 1956 and was cremated at Dadar Hindu Crematorium Bombay. Over five lac devotees witnessed the last rites and majority of them embraced Buddhism. The pyre was lit by his only son Yashwantrao Ambedkar at 7.30 pm. A memorial “Chintaya Bhumi” in the loving memory Dr. Ambedkar stands erected there.

 A few selected panegyric statements, which illustrate the contribution made in social, education, law, economic, political fields of the maker of the Constitution for free & Independent India are given here under.

R. A. Seligman, Dr. Ambedkar‘s teacher while on commenting  The thesis “Evolution of Provincial Finances in British India,” which earned PhD to Ambedkar remarked “Nowhere to my knowledge, has such a detailed study of the underlying principles been made.”

His Highness, Chhaterpati Sahuji Maharaj of Kohlapur State, Remarked, while addressing the conference of untouchables, Presided over by Dr, Ambedkar on 21 st March, 1920 “you have found your savior in Ambedkar. I am confident he will break your sickles. Not only that, a time will come when, so whispers my conscience, Ambedkar will shine as a front rank leader of all India fame & appeal,”

His highness Gakward,  the Maharaja of Bikaner (Who  gave scholarship to Ambedkar for getting education in USA )  after listening Dr. Ambedkar’s speech in Ist Round Table Conference said to his queen “Their efforts & money they had spent on the speaker of the day ( Ambedkar ) were all realized. It was an achievement, a glorious success The Maharaja was full of admiration, satisfaction and high appreciations with tears of joy in his eyes for Dr. Ambedkar. The Maharaja hosted a special dinner to Honor Dr Ambedkar .
 The Free Press Journal of Bombay ( London representative ) while eulogizing the services of Dr Ambedkar  said “ Ambedkar was a fearless, independent  and patriotic minded leader, whose fearlessness was unbearable to both  Hindus & Muslims, and that his opening speech at the  first session of the first round Table Conference was the best speech in the whole proceedings of the conference .”

Mahatama Gandhi in a speech   (Outside II R Table Conference) said “I have the highest regards for Dr. Ambedkar. he has every right to be bitter. That he does not break our heads is an act of self- restraint on his part. He is today so much saturated with suspicion that he cannot see anything else. He sees in every Hindu a determined opponent of the Untouchables and it is quite natural. The same thing happened to my in my early days in South Africa ….. It is quite natural for him to vent his wrath …..”

On Dr. Ambedkar‘s nomination to the Federal Structural Committee The Indian Daily Mail said, “He is patriot and is vitally interested in securing self Government. In the future discussions, which will centre on the franchise of the Senate and the Federal assembly, this brilliant representative of the depressed classes is certain to play a most important role.”

Nine days celebrations  were held to celebrate 50th birthday of Dr Ambedkar in which besides I. L. Party  45 other public institutions participated  While addressing a large gathering  N.M.Joshi , School  teacher of Ambedkar said “  I feel proud  that my pupil , to whom I taught in  standard IV attained such  eminence. Ambedkar was bright & forward student.”

THE TIMES OF India Bombay April 21st 1941 wrote “with out political & economic power, the Harijans will find it hard to attain social equality, and Dr. Ambedkar has done well in realizing this fact.”

The Maharashtrian of Nagpur wrote” Ambedkar was one of the few Maharashtrian leaders, who came to fore front in Indian politics by shear force of their personality, struggle, sacrifice & scholarship.” It further added that the Depressed Classes owned their present political status to his ceaseless struggle.

The Prabhat Bombay, a Marathi Daily, hailed Ambedkar, as a revolutionary leader of modern India & added that without meaning any disrespect to Dayanand, Gandhi, Savarkar , Ambedkar’s services to the untouchables ranked higher .

Veer Savarkar, a sworn enemy of the British, a political and social revolutionary said ‘Ambedkar’s personality, erudition & capacity to lead & organize would have by themselves marked him out as an outstanding asset to our nation.”

B.G. Horniman, the Editor of Bombay Sentinel said “Ambedkar’s great intellectual qualities and his service to the country & his community has put him in the fore rank of great men of India.”
 When Ambedkar announced his decision to denounce politics & devote his life for revival of Buddhism, The Shankar’s Weekly in a sarcastic tone wrote, that Ambedkar was nothing more than an Indian to whom renunciation appealed more than jobs & power.            
The Times Of India ,  Bombay, said  that those  whom knew the economic and social views of the erudite scholar and doughty fighter were under no delusion that he would don politician mantle and take the lead in forming a progressive party ,and it  attributed his new bent to the disgust of politics .

Dr. Ambedkar was made the Chairman Of the Constitution Drafting Committee  and he piloted this historic document through The constituent Assembly  and so became  the Principal Architect or  “Father ,”of the Constitution for Free India . The amount of lab our put by Dr. Ambedkar in framing the Constitution was commented & commended by many eminent National & International personalities

Shri T.T. Krishanamachari, a colleague of his in the Drafting Committee said “The House is perhaps aware that of the seven members nominated by you, one had resigned from the House and was never replaced One had died & wasn’t replaced. One was away in America & his place was not filled up, and another person was engaged in state affairs, & there was a void to that extent.  One or two people were far away from Delhi and perhaps reasons of health did not permit them to attend. So it happened ultimately that the burden of drafting this Constitution fell upon Dr. Ambedkar and I have no doubt that we are grateful to him for having achieved this task in a manner which is undoubtedly commendable.”

Dr. Rajindra Prasad, the President of Indian Union said “In spite of his indifferent health. He added luster to his work.”

Shri Muniswami  Pillay  ( Madras General ) said “ Coming as I do from a community that has produced Dr. Ambedkar, I feel proud that his capacity has now been recognized not only by the Harijans but by all communities that  inhabit India.” While continuing his speech he termed Dr. Ambedkar as a great philosopher whose name & fame is not only known throughout the length and breadth of India but of the whole world.  He further added that to the galaxy of great men of Harijans is now added the name of Dr. Ambedkar, who as a man has been able to show to the world that the Scheduled castes are no less important but they can rise to the heights and give to the world their great services.      

Seth Govind Das( C.P. & Berar General ) said “ I would at first like to congratulate Dr. Ambedkar who has laboured hard to put this Constitution into proper shape…… I can say that Dr. Ambedkar was quite equal to the task of Constitution making that had been entrusted to him.”

Shri B.A. Mandloi( C.P. & BerarGeneral)said“This House appreciates the  services of the Drafting Committee and I congratulate Dr Ambedkar, Chairman of the  Committee for successfully piloting the Constitution of free and Independent India .”

Pt. Thakar Das Bhargava ( East Punjab ) while addressing the chair, said “I don’t know , Sir,    the terms in which I should thank the Drafting Committee, particularly words fail to convey  the gratitude that all of us feel for the acumen, the untiring industry, the consummate skill and the firmness, tempered with moderation, with which the  Chainman Of the Drafting  Committee has piloted this Constitution through this House and has solved all the knotty questions arising  in connection with it .” Dr Ambedkar wasn’t in the house then.

Shri T. Prakasam (Madras: General) said “Dr Ambedkar is a great lawyer, is a very able man. He has shown by the work he has done here, who could be  competent to be a King’s  council of great Britain, to be perhaps competent to sit  on the Woolsack only ;but…….”

Shri H.J. Khandekar( C.P. & Berar General ) said “ … now today we are enacting a law of Independent India under the genius of Dr Ambedkar, the President of the Drafting Committee. If I may so. Sir, I call this Constitution the MAHAR LAW. Because Dr Ambedkar is a Mahar and now when we inaugurate this Constitution on The 26 of January 1950, we see the law of Manu replaced by the Law of Mahar and I hope that unlike, the law of Manu under which there was never prosperity in the country the Mahar law will make India virtually a paradise…”

Mr  Mahbhoob Ali Baig Sahib ( Madras – Muslim ) said “Dr Ambedkar was unique in his clarity of expression and thought, and his mastry over the Constitutional problems including those of finance has been marvelous, unique, singular and complete….”

Sardar Hukam singh (East Punjab- Sikh) said” I join my other friends in congratulating the drafting Committee and particularly its leader (Dr Ambedkar) for cheerfully carrying through this heavy strai during these months. It was a gigantic task and they must be feeling relieved after it…….”

Shri S. Nagappa (Madras: General) said “Well, Sir, this has proved to what heights Dr Ambedkar though he is a member of the scheduled Castes, if given an opportunity, can rise. He has proved by his efficiency and the able way in which he has drafted and piloted this Constitution. Now I think this stigma of inefficiency attached to the scheduled Castes will be washed away and will not be attached here after. Only, if, opportuni\ties are given, they will prove better than anybody else.”      

Shri J.R. Kapoor (United Province: General) said “ I had started with a prejudice against Dr Ambedkar … The great work  that he has done during these three years has washed away that particular sin or any other sin which he may have committed. I have developed an admiration and also affection for Dr Ambedkar for the very the very useful work and the very patriotic work which he has done. I consider him to be one  the best patriotic of this country.”

Shri Syamanandan Sahaya said “   Dr. Ambedkar, Sir,  deserves the gratitude  of not only this Assembly but of the  Nation………The mastery way in which they prepared the Draft and the mastery way in which Dr Ambedkar piloted it will ever be remembered not only by us but by the posterity with gratitude.”

Shri Gopal Narain ( united Province : General ) said “ At the outset I congratulate Dr, Ambedkar, the chairman of the Drafting Committee and the members  thereof for producing such a voluminous constitution in which nothing has been left out. Even price control has been included in it ,…… a word more for Dr Ambedkar, Sir. He is lucidity and clarity personified. He has made a name for himself ….”

Shri S.V. Krishanamoorty Rao ( Mysore State ) said “…..and I stand before you to add my humble meed of praise to the Chairman and members of the Drafting Committee for making  an excellent job of the work that was entrusted to them….”

Shri Ari Bahadur Gurung (w. Bengal: general) said, “I associate myself with my colleagues in congratulating the Chairman of the Drafting Committee for having brought this stupendous task to a successful conclusion…”

Giani Gurmukh singh Musaffir (East Punjab: Sikh) said, “… In preparing the draft Dr. Ambedkar and members of Drafting Committee have worked very hard. They deserve our congratulations…”

Shri R.V. Dhulekar( united Province : General ) said “…. Dr Ambedkar has performed a very great work. I will not say Herculean because that is a very small word. . He has performed a task worthy of the great Pandava Bhim and worthy of the name he has Bhimrao Ambedkar. . We are very grateful to him  ...”

Shri Alladi Krishanaswami Ayyar (Madras: General & Member of Constitution Drafting committee) said, “… I will be failing in my duty ,if, I do not express my high appreciation of the skill and ability wioth which my friend the Honourable Dr Ambedkar has piloted this constitution and his untiring work as  the chairman of the drafting committee…..”

Shri Dharanidhar Basu Matari (Assam: General) said “…..Adding my tributes to Dr Ambedkar and the Drafting committee for the great achievement in producing this constitution…”

Shri Manikya Lal Verma( United State of Rajasthan ) said ,“ Mr President , first of all I take this opportunity to offer my thanks to the Honourable Dr Ambedkar and the members of this House…’

Shri K.M. Jedhe (Bombay: General) said, “…...Sir, I stand here to congratulate Dr. Ambedkar & his colleagues for having taken great pains in framing India’s new constitution……Ii remember he burnt Manu Smiriti in a large meeting of the untouchables at Mahad in1929. He is the great leader of the Harijans and is greatly extolled by them as their champion and is worshiped as an idol. They are very proud of him . They call him Bhim and make it known to the public that he has framed Bhim Smiriti. I also call it Bhim Smiriti…….. Dr Ambedkar is a great lawyer and a man of great ability and intellect, nobody will doubt that….. Dr Ambedkar was very keen and earnest in safeguarding the interests of the Harijans. All Harijans must be grateful to him…”

Shri Jaipal singh ( Bihar: General ) said “……and add my own tributes, unqualified tributes, for the tremendous work Dr Ambedkar and his hard working team has put in making of the new Constitution……”

Shri L.S.Bhatkar (CP & Berar )  Said  “ Mr. President, I congratulate Dr Ambedkar and other members of the Drafting Committee for preparing this draft Constitution with so much labour and industry after our country had achieved its freedom……”
Mr. Frank Anthony( CP & Berar )  Said “  I would like to pay a particular tribute to my  Honourable Friend, who is sitting on my right , Dr Ambedkar. I do not believe that any one of us can really gauge the volume of work and the intensity of concentration that must have been involved in the production of this voluminous document…..”

Shri Dr. Pattabhi Sitaramayya said “….Dr Ambedkar has gone away, else I should have liked to tell him what a steam –roller intellect he brought to bear upon this magnificent  and tremendous task; irresistible, indomitable, unconquerable, leveling, down tall palms and short poppies: whatever he felt to be right he stood by ,regardless of consequences….”

Shri Mahavir Tyagi said”… Dr Ambedkar, who was the main artist has laid aside his brush and unveiled the picture for the public to see and comment upon.. “

Shri Suresh Chandra Mujumdar said “….In conclusion, may I offer my respectful congratulations to
Dr Ambedkar to my elders and colleagues in this house on successful performance of a great arduous and historic task…”
When Dr. Ambedkar resigned as the union Law Minister of India the Times of India wrote “Dr. Ambedkar is also a foeman worthy of one’s steel. The last few years have seen him harnessing his outstanding ability to constructive purposes and both the country and his community stand to gain, if, he continues in that path,”

The National Standard, Bombay observed “There are few men in a country as well equipped as Dr. Ambedkar to take charge of Planning or of Finance or of Commerce & Industry. What the Govt losses the country hopes to gain,”

Dr. Ambedkar received Honorary Degree of Doctorate of Law on 5th June 1952 and the university (Columbia USA ) hailed him “as a framer of the constitution, Member of the cabinet and of the council of states, one of the leading citizens ,a great social reformer & a valiant upholder of the human rights .”

Danajay Keer a biographer of Dr. Ambedkar wrote “To visit Dr.Ambedkar, was to visit a speaking museum.”

Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru the first prime Minister of India used to introduce Dr. Ambedkar as  the jewel of his cabinet .

On the death of Dr. Ambedkar While requesting the Lok Sabha to adjourn for the day   Pt. Nehru said “Dr. Ambedkar would be remembered mostly as a symbol of revolt against all the oppressing features of Hindu Society. His virtual opposition to these oppressive features had kept people’s mind awake. Although he was a highly controversial figure, he played a very constructive & very important role in the Government activities. He revolted against something which every body should revolt against.”

Veer Savarkas said “India has lost in Dr. Ambedkar a true great man.”

Dr Rajindra Prasad the President of India said “Ambedkar was the Architect of our Constitution and his services in various capacities, particularly for the upliftment of the Depressed Classes, could not be exaggerated.”

C. Rajagopalachari while describing personality of Dr Ambedkar said “-  ... -Ambedkar was a thoroughly upright person and a man with keen jurist sense, a proud and irreconcilable heart, a great learning and when approached in the right spirit, a full of friendliness. Such a one has found peace after life’s fit full work.”  
The Times Of India “He was an able, gifted and versatile man who in different circumstances might have rendered even greater service to his country & community. “

The Free Press Journal said “The country would long remember him as one who righteously revolted against wrongs.”

The Amrit Bazar Patrika, while  described Dr. Ambedkar  as a militant spirit bent upon the destruction of the old order which was based on injustice and denial of human rights- - - and made him the worthy son of this continent.
The New York Times said “Ambedkar was known and honored throughout the world chiefly as champion of the Untouchables…..”

The Times of London said that his name would figure prominently in any history of the socio- political evolution of India in the closing years of the British India …………

U. Nu. The Primer of Burma said “Dr. Ambedkar was without dispute one of the illustrious figures that played a historic part in the annals of the great country India, at a time when changing trends and Conditions were making significant impression on the life & social structure of the nation. He was one of those who helped accelerated process of the social change in the country, a process in the case of which hundreds of thousands, even millions had been enabled to look forward to a better life and a happier life.”

Shri R. Venkataraman, the former President Of India Said”Dr.Ambedkar anticipated every conceivable requirement of the new polity.”

Shri K. R. Narayanan former President of India said “Dr. Ambedkar had faith in the Constitution that he helped to fashion for India. His visualized democracy as the Golden Means.”

Sri Sharad Pawar Former chief Minister of Maharashtra, now Union Minister said” Dr. Ambedkar and Constitution have become synonymous.”

In the end I may quote from the saying of Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s views on Economic Progress and a word of guidance /  warning to his community & countrymen:-
                "The good things of this earth do not fall from heaven. Every progress has it bill of costs and only those who pay for it will have that progress"

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