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Minorities in India

The establishment in 1992  of the National Commission for Minorities  and its continued existence till then is a fact contrary to the proclamations by  the worth writer. This commission was established under UN Declaration of 18th December 1992. Article 29 of the Indian Constitution gives directions and protection to such acts of the Union Government. Besides the NCM the National Commission for Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes and National Commission for Education Institutions are the facts which no body can negate and prove that the problems of the Minorities warrant express solutions for National Unity.
 The circumstances and exigencies for continuing such commissions still exist in our country. To say that all is well with the minorities is a propaganda campaign by a few of  those who have enjoyed the full cake  of progress at government expenses for centuries and now to  share it  with others is becoming heavy for them . A small number of high dignitaries from the minorities as counted by the writer should be eye opener as from a population of over 85% of the Indian minorities their presence can still be counted on fingers.

Dr Ambedkar’s Democratic Constitutuition of India is based on ideals of Democracy, socialism,  and equality striving for establishment of fraternity. Democracy as defined by the Father of Indian Statue is a way of associated living. Where as Manusmriti laws are discriminatory based on caste, creed, sex, colour and family status? Manu devised the formula claiming it having Divine sanction. He made the provision of 100% reservation of education, education related services, warrior services, agriculture, trade and administrative services for Brahmins, Khatriyas and Vaishyas. He also reserved 100% service jobs to Untouchables with blocking education, marshal services and trade or owning any property for them. But all religious ceremonies were made compulsory for them too. They were slaves living on the mercy of other three castes but doing all service class jobs. This arrangement kept India  slave for centuries .The invaders used the services of the three upper caste people to suppress the minorities.

The share of minorities can be judged from the facts and statistic. Out of 14Prime Ministers since 1947only 2 from minorities.  From 14 Presidents of India minorities had only 5, and  from 12 Vice President with personalities only 4 from minorities and only  4 Home ministers   from minorities out of 20.

The data given by Prof.(Dr) Ramnath former Vice Chancellor of Chander Sheikher Azad Agriculture and Technical University Lucknow( U.P) in his  Hindi book( Youita, Meri Jutti 2009) Gotam Book Centre Delhi is not only interesting but eye opening too.
 Break up of  Upper Castes15% Population( Brahmins3.5%; Khatriyas 55.5% and Vaishaya 6%).Their share in services( Politics41%plus 15% plus 10%= Total 66%) services(64%plus10%plus 10%= Total84%) ;Trade (10% plus20%plus60%= Total 90%) Land ownership (5%plus80%plus9%=Total 94%) Priesthoods ( 100% plus zero plus zero respectively.)
Also a fortnightly News Paper The Himayati Delhi (4-2-2013) has given the following data about Brahmin % in services in (1990) Union Ministers(60%) ;Secretaries, Add. Secretaries and Joint secretaries (62%); Chief Secretaries (54%);SC Judges(51%); High Court Judges in 1985(50.3%);Governors(50%) Secy. to Governors (54%) Higher Officers in Union Govt(56%)  but in states(52%);IAS (60%) with MP’s Rajay Sabha(36%)
In the union budget2013-14 total planned exp.(  allotted) Rs5,55,322 Crores with share  of S/C and S/T 22.5% of Rs107896.3 but allotment made is onlyRs66159 having discrepancy or shortfall as Rs58788.45 Crores. Where as Shri P.G. Bannerji in his book “  A Hand Book of the Fighting Races of India” and Sir Gorge Makmen Col Commandant of Royal Artillery in his book”  Marshal Races of India” have written that Brahmins and Vaishes are non fighting races so they are unfit for Army and Police forces. But now the conditions are contrary to it. For all failures in India Minorities are counted as first culprits which is far from truth.

The minorities have contributed to the welfare of India more than any body else. The Sino-Indian War of 1962 with total humiliation and defeat of India was managed fully by Upper castes managers. But Bangladesh War 1971 was won when PM Mrs. Indra Gandhi ( Brahmin lady married to a  Parse), Babu Jagjivan Ram Defense Minister a Chamar and Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw all from Minorities. Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Constitution of India are written by Dalits.

Let the race for merit be on the level ground between persons equipped with similar social, economic and educational standards. Bravo to those Dalits who are qualifying competitive examinations while studying in  Govt. schools with out roofs, adequate staff strength, water & toilet facilities, where  others in the race  are with Doon, Dalhousi, Massouri, Jaipur etc.situated English Medium schools with ultra  modern facilities.

Swami Vivekananda   while writing to one of his friends wrote, “  Human society is in turn governed by four castes—the priests, the soldiers, the traders, and labourers, each state has its  glories as well as defects”

“When priest (the Brahmins) rules, there is a tremendous exclusiveness on hereditary grounds—none but they have the right to impart knowledge. Its glory is that at this period is laid the foundation of the science”

The military (Kshtriya) rule is tyrannical and cruel, but they are not exclusive and during that period art and social culture attains height” The commercial (Vaishya) rule comes next. It is awful in its silent crushing and bloodsucking power. Its advantage is, as the trader himself goes everywhere, he is good Disseminator of ideas collected during the two previous states. They are still less exclusive than the military, but culture begins to decay.” “Last will come labourer (Shudra) rule. Its advantages will be distribution of physical comforts, its disadvantages (perhaps) lowering of culture. There will be great distribution of education ...”

“The first three have had their day. Now is the time for the last—they must have it. I am a socialist not because it is a perfect system, but half a loaf is better than no bread. The other systems have been tried and found wanting. Let this one be tried. A distribution of pain and pleasure is better, than always the same persons having pains and pleasure”

For the National Unity let every body contribute to his/ her ability & get as per his/ her needs. Let us not produce Doctors, Engineers, scientists, Educationists, who are not prepared to respect the Rule of the country, serve the poor and rural India. Let every doctor or engineer fill up a bond to serve his country in the rural area for at least 10 years before going abroad to  serve or settle their . This theft of going abroad soon after getting qualifications is casting dear to India. Who these majority Qualified persons are which are draining our national resources by going abroad in search of greener postures. Definitely majority is from upper castes.

Ignoring advice of Lord Krishna by Koravs to accede the due share of Pandavas resulted in Mahabharata. I fear ignoring the advice of Indian Parliament (Enactment of 93rd Constitution Amendment Of India) on Rights of Minorities may not result in triggering troubles for the country.. The welfare measures for 85% Indians are going to strengthen India not to weaken it. Even Manu the Hindu Law giver says “ What ever law is agreed upon by an assembly of ten people or more, or even three people or more----------the law should not be disputed 12 ( 110 )”.

Let us avoid the old saying “No matter how big the lie: repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as a truth”. Let us change our old habits and share happiness and sorrows together as Indians and not as majority and minority. In India Minorities and majority are equal share holders, need to be provided equal opportunities. Disparities in Education, employments, trade and commerce, social and religious fields is dangerous, let us strive to remove them  unitedly before they cause us harm.

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