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Know how Ambedkar Is Unique World Personality .

Know how Ambedkar Is Unique World Personality . (With reverence on Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s 131th Jayanti falling on 14th April,2022). By:- Er. Hem Raj Phonsa( Jammu) Contact: and 09419134060 Buddha Purnima is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Vaisakh (2nd month of Vikrami Samvat) which generally falls in the Month of April-May each year. Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar was born on 14th April,1891(Tuesday) in Mhow Military Chawni (Now Ambedkar Nagar) present day Madhya Pradesh. Many refused to join is birthday celebration arranged in Bombay by his admirers for his life time achievements on his birthday. But on faithful analysis of Dr Baba Saheb’s contribution in large fields, now millions across world keep waiting yearlong for celebrating this day with gaiety and reverence. He belonged to Mahar an untouchable caste of Hindu religion hierarchy. Dr Ambedkar was 14th child of revered Ramji Malogi Sakhpal and Bhimabai . His ancestors served in army. His grandfather shri Maloji Sakpal retired as Havaldar from the Bombay Army of the East India Company and was awarded a piece of land for his bravery in battle field. His father served as a Headmaster in army school and retired as Subedar Major. Bhimrao Ambedkar also joined Baroda state army as lieutenant for a brief period to keep family tradition. When unbiased India evaluated Dr Baba Saheb’s worth, country’s Political Managers awarded him India’s highest civil Award BHARAT RATANA (posthumously) in 1990. Mike Hurley Mayor city of Burnaby, Canada declared 14th April as “Dr B.R. Ambedkar Day of Equality”. Dr Baba sahib Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was an Indian jurist, philosopher, anthropologist, Buddhist activist, revolutionary politician, writer, and relentless fighter against man made inequalities. He was world’s top economist with two economic doctorates Ph.D. (Columbia) D.Sc. (UK). Dr. Baba Saheb was a jurist, who earned his Bar-At- Law from Gray’s Inn (London), where he is only Indian whose Portrait is displayed and a Room in complex unveiled after his name. He was also a social scientist and emancipator of weak, deprived humanity including women. He sailed against Indian political winds and still won. Dr. Ambedkar became synonymous with a mission, personification as relentless fighter and fearless crusader for rights of the poor, deprived, untouchable besides women. He never shirked to make supreme sacrifice for a chosen cause. Hierarchy law of his land, social sympathy and illiteracy of untouchables were against him, still he won to make revolutionary changes in them all. He worked 18 hours and at limes , lived on single loaf of bread. The day his young son died he left home for London to attend RTC. Only it was he, who could, board ship even without attending his son’s funeral. The British Government had invited representative of untouchables along with others, to attend RTC’s to put forth safety guidelines for guarding interests of Hindu untouchable in the future Constitution of free India , on getting freedom. Dr. Ambedkar, who had faced world’s worst financial crises and his own religious hate, attracted world opinion due to his most impressive speech in the First Round Table Conference 1930-31. An untouchable Mahar, who was denied water and shelter when needed most, was heard by about 150(1st RTC) best brains of British Government, British ruled India ( Pakistan East, West included) with Burma . World press representatives in large number were also in attendance in RTCs. Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar by virtue of his hard-earned education and super intelligence mental power earned the historic distinction to “AN UNTOUCHABLE, BREAK BREAD WITH A PRINCE AND A KNIGHT”, which had never happened before. Sir Sayajirao Gaikwad III Maharaja of Baroda called him at a sumptuous Royal Dinner party at his London residence. Many other Indian kings were also invited. Maharaja with tears of joy in his eyes introduced Dr. Ambedkar to his queen "The efforts and money I have spent on the speaker of the day (Ambedkar) were all realized". It was an achievement, a glorious success. The world press evaluated this speech as best and most impressive out of speeches of all others who spoke in First RTC. Baba Saheb participated in all three RTCs and earned “Dual Voting Rights” for his people. Both Sudra, present time Backward classes, Chhatrapati Kings Sir Siya Ji Giakward (Koli, कौली) Of Baroda State and Sahu Ji Maharaj Of Kohlapur ( Kumbi, कुर्मी,, Teli, तेली oil presser),Dr. Ambedkar’s times , helped him to attain heights in education. Both these kings respected Mahatam Phuley and his teaching. Being Dr. Ambedkar means getting world recognition only by his hard work and unblemished Personal Character. He had the strength to stand alone in a crowd but be heard with apt attention even by his adversaries. On principles Dr. Ambedkar never compromised easily. He opposed Mahatma Gandhi for bating against interests of untouchables, where their life goals differed. Gandhi worked for Indian freedom but Dr. Ambedkar for Indian freedom with freedom of his people from upper caste Hindus inhuman clutches. He described untouchables as slaves to British slaves. Still Mahatma Gandhi recognized his self- restrained bitterness for his chosen cause in a speech (Outside II R Table Conference) saying “I have the highest regards for Dr. Ambedkar. He has every right to be bitter; that he does not break our heads is an act of self- restraint on his part.” It was Gandhi who proposed his name for Chairman of the Indian Constitution Drafting Committee otherwise Nehru and Patel were not supportive. The caste hates and insults faced by Dr. Ambedkar imbibed in him a sense to struggle for getting higher education and use it as a tool to fight for regaining lost human rights of his people. However, he never treated his opponents with anguish for caste hate treatment he faced himself. He attained zenith of educated not in India but world over. Later he created quality education avenues for people of all castes. This gave him courage to fight for the rights of those who were reduced to the level even worse than animals. As child, Bhim had to get education while sitting outside class room on a sack mat brought from his house. While answering a question asked by a vising team of education officer as to name an object which we can be seen but cannot be touched. Bhim answered “HIS SCHOOL WATER PITCHER”, which was farthest object for him, which he can see but cannot touch. The courageous Bhim later succeeded to bear crown laden with MA, PhD, DSc, Bar-at- Law, LL. D highest academic degree rubies.His wisdom when recognized outside India valued it.So we find his portraits adore many International, National walls and pedestals like the Gray’s Inn room, Office of Russian President, LSE Library London, Museum of Columbia University among the few besides dozens of his statues in foreign lands. Dr. Ambedkar was a speaking museum so said his Biographer D. Keer. A child whose hair no barber dare cut for fear of getting polluted made a name with his memorials out numbering worldwide than anyone else from his contemporaries. A student who was said to get his name Ambedkar ( Ambaware was his last name after his place of birth) from his school teacher is now recognized as Symbol of Knowledge. A man, whose father faces odds to purchase books for his son, later became Father Of Indian Constitution,besides a writer of over two dozens of bestselling books and owner of a private library having 50, 000, a world’s record. American President Barak Obama said, had Ambedkar been born in America they would have named him “ SUN”. British Queen Elizabeth said "It is a matter of sadness that the great human Dr. Ambedkar was born in India, if he had been born in any other country, he would have got respect in the universal world. An out-caste child whose father failed to note date of his birth. Bhim ’s uncle took him to school for admission on 7th November1900,later earned honor of annual celebration of his school entry day 7th November as Vidyarthi Divas “Student’s Day” across Maharashtra State ( PTI Mumbai Nov.5 2017). Dr Ambedkar a life-long student, who had cultivated his interest to learn throughout his life, entered his first school on 7th Nov.1900 at Pratap Singh High School in the state's Satara district at serial number '1914' in the school register with his signature against his name. In a galaxy of freedom stars in India Dr. Baba Saheb proved “ Polar Star” and besides his country’s freedom , he worked for emancipation of 15% ( some parts of India had over 25%) Indian population who were exploited in Hindu religion. Columbia University (USA), which have produced 95 Noble laureates, drew out a list of its Alums for 250 years (2004) of the “persons who changed the world” and declared Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s name at serial number “ONE”. ( Ref:Forward Press Jan1,2013,Ambedkar : Greatest World Changer among Alumi of Columbia University) India will remain indebted to Dr. Baba Saheb for writings its Sovereign, Secular, Socialist, Democratic Constitution, ensuring equality (status, worship, promotion, worship, opportunity), justice, (Social, political and economic), Liberty of (though, expression, belief, faith and worship) with an urge to promote fraternity among all Citizens for national unity and integrity of our Nation. Indian women’s need be grateful to “Angle Ambedkar” whose long struggle succeeded to cut their age-old slavery chains and gave them freedom to fly high in sky, leaving behind “kitchen” their past time confined world. Buddhist World need be grateful to Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar to bring back Buddhism to its land of birth “India” after 2200 years. Bhuddism is only one world religion( Dhamm, way to live) which preached compassion for all, irrespect of his/her religeous tag Labour and toiling class need be grateful to Dr. Baba Saheb for bringing about sea changes, in old order for their working as working hours (12/14hrs to 8 hours), annual leave, equal wages for equal work irrespective of sex of a worker, paid maturity leave, health schemes, insurance, establishing Recruitment Boards and many more acts Dr Baba Saheb accomplished for them. Let us all join hands in celebrating Dr Baba Saheb’s 131 Jayanti falling on 14th April,2022 as "International Equality Day" andpledge to bring up India as per our Constitution spirit. By: Er.H.R.Phonsa,Jammu Words 1718. Dated 12April,2022

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