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Inequality and Amity do not mix well.

Inequality and Amity do not mix well. By: -Er. H. R. Phonsa, Jammu Human supported imbalances generate inequality and these create greatest hurdle in human unity. These resist unity and peace efforts by good hearted souls. Therefore human caused miseries, hate , enmity and imbalances become cause of fights, ill will, so scuttle efforts for universal peace and brotherhood. World religious philosophies and holy guides were(are) for universal peace. Buddha preached “Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace -”. The Hindu Great Mantra is “Sarve VAVANTU Sukhina, Sarve Santu Niramiya ( Meaning: May all sentient beings be at peace ,may no one suffer from illness, May all see what is auspicious, may no one suffer”. The Holy Qur’an 59:23 lays “Peace is one of the names of God himself”. Holy Bible quotes “God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God (Matthew 5:9). With the passage of time human picked up many flaws, weaknesses like ego, greed, self, hate etc. These weaknesses at times degraded God’s top of the creation (Human) even below the level of animals. India which is one along the oldest world Civilisations is in the grip of manmade inequality ,perhaps more than many world countries. So majority of Indians think, that with the passage of time, they as a nation, are drifting more and more away from of Mantra of Sarve Vavantu Sukhina---. Religious fanaticism and ill will is now raising head un-abated can cause sever blows to our unity . Good hearted people who wish better future for their country, at times share their worries and timely warning. Some of the major hurdles adversely affecting our national unity, they point out are identifies here. Among the worst factors hindering unity efforts , people feel is the human divide on castes (Particularly Hindus) damaged Hindus beyond repairs. The caste system in Hindus divided them into Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishya, Sudras, four castes. With passage of time this divide generated Fifth category of Ati Sudras. The caste creation divided different work for different castes, so actually divided workers. This might not be the original thinking of caste originators but it actually proved as worker’s divide so that workers may not put united resistance against excesses on them. This casted suspicions on the caste divide originator’s deliberate act, for punishing all those who once resisted Aryan invasion. This divide, categorised not only work but wages, privileges, so denying all decent means of life for all women, Sudras and Ati Sudras. The caste divide was declared as an act on God’s will. Unfortunately, in India identity and worth of an individual was valued on the basis of one’s caste at birth. The caste system has damaged Indian more than any other single factor. In India caste divide made easy the spread of foreign land religions like Christianity and Islam. Fragmentation of Hindus in many religious and faith groups had linking one way or the other with caste divides and unfounded hate by high caste organizers. Hurdles are created in religion change by an individual instead concentrating to reform , uproot, burn all ever pain pricking points. Even right-thinking individuals do not pick up required strength to say, a spade a spade, so the caste hate continues. Keeping interests of their country and its people our revolutionary Bhagti Movement (14th to 17th century) Saints discarded caste factor, so preached value of an individual on his/her worth not birth. Their massage was of love, affection for all by all. Visionary persons follow teaching of all such saintly persons with conviction, like “Mera updesh Choun Varno Ko Sanja” Meaning my teaching for all four castes persons, (Guru Nanak). Another par excellent Saint Sadguru Kabir said “ Jatt naa Pusho Sadh Ki Push Lejgo Gyan, Mol Karo Talwar Ka Parra Rehin Do Mayan”. Meaning: One should consider qualities of a person, a saint, leaving aside castes considerations as one should negotiate cost of Sword not of Covering casing. Like other saints Sri Guru Ravidas Ji proclaimed “ Jatt Nahi , Jagdish Ki, Harjan Ki Kya Hoye, Jatt Patt ki Keech Main Doob Maro Mat Koi”, Meaning the Creator has no caste, so how can His creation have it, I advise people to not get mud coating and die a meaning less death. Guru Ravidas again proclaimed “ Jatt Jatt Main Jatt Hai,Jyon Kellam Ke Patt,Ravidas naa Manush Jurr Sake,Jaa Loo Jatt Naa Jatt,Meaning : Every caste has a caste with in it as in the banana tree,Ravidas saith Humanity cannot unite till caste is not annihilated. Although Efforts of these icon reformers resisted, slowed down conversion of low caste Hindus to Islam and Christianity but failed to have appreciated from caste superiority hard dyed organiser. It is well known that in modern times the wellbeing of people depends upon, how well they are placed in their country in education, health, economic, employment spheres besides segmental, sectoral and caste wise share in country’s wealth, senior level political, bureaucracy, delivery of justice, media and control of Law and order in their country. From all reports on records, in daily press writings in India the level playing for all persons here is a distant dream. In our country perhaps with pervading conditions, it does not seem possible to achieve our Constitutional equality targets for all, fulfilled in another 500 years. These targets are most needed for our Nation’s unity but chances are bleak to achieve them in near future without some drastic social mind set of governing minds. For such possibility present prevailing conditions do not give any positive indications. The Indian weak constitute majority of Dalit Samaj,who are the worst hit on parity accounts. The contribution of Dalit Samaj in history making is no less, but biased writers have ignored them, so made them history- less masses. However Indian history records that Hindu Mahabharat (1200-odd pages) and Valmiki Ramayana (1000 odd pages) Epics were reportedly composed by Shudra linkage Veda Vyasa and Maharishi Valmik. The Constitution Drafting for free India was assigned to Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Dr. Ambedkar despite his failing health, lacking needed support from his colleagues, worked very hard for 2 years,11 months and 18 days and gave India, world’s voluminous best Constitution. At the time of its adoption, the Constitution contained 395 Articles and 8 Schedules, 22 parts and had about 145,000 words, making it the longest National Constitution to ever be adopted world over. Dr Baba Sahed Ambedkar hit the paining points so untouchability was abolished in all its forms (Art.17). Practice of untouchability in any form was made punishable and Equality for all Indians was made Fundamental Rights ( Preamble). Dalits were major contributor for Indian freedom struggle. As per a report in Dalit Dastavej Hindi book in Freedom struggle from (1857-1947) 68.3% were shudras (now SCs, STs and OBCs). Regardless all glaring facts, it seems, as if Indian major ruling elite, major political parties have unofficially declared Indian Dalits (SCs, STs, OBC and Converted Minorities) as non-meritorious, cowards and so ignoring their modern means of advancements in propionate to their population and National resources. They not only are majority in Nation;s population ( about 85%)but are in majority of poverty, ill health, illiteracy ridden Indian. Despite the facts they are not part of big Financial institution frauds, riots etc.They are major vote bank to form all governments but they claim to bear disparities in fair dealing of Governments. The Congress Party has ruled Central Government for about 54 years and NDA lead by the right-wing BJP are now in the government saddle since 2014 with past rule of 5 years (1999-2004).The poor strata claim to be ignored with bundles of lip sympathies from the ruling elite. Not much of national resources are shared with Dalits as per rules framed for their welfare in the Parliament. Many reports say major part of the component funds set aside in budget for Dalits, have been diverted for other common community causes. In reality Dalits were recognised as human after India attained freedom and they got Constitution safe guards. But despite this they continued to face disparities. Here are some glaring facts about SC’s representation, in political and bureaucratic authority of India. Only 8 SC males including one woman from a count of nearly 564 CM’s since 1952. India currently has 35 CMs with only 01 SC; With 17 Presidents of India SCs were 02 ; So far no SC PMs out of 17; 2 SC Dy PM’s out of 07 ; only3 SCs out of 18 Lok Saba Speakers ; just 01Sc CJI out of 48, Only 01-SC out of 48 Bharat Ratna Awardees. No SC out of 01 CDS,15 CISC, 29 Army Chiefs, 26 Air Chiefs,29 Navy heads is far. On 5Aug, 2019 in bureaucracy out of 89 Union Secretaries Dalit was 01; STs 03’s; OBC Zero; (the Print 5 August,2019). In their appointments’ reservation norms, so employment, as per their population is denied. The data on backlog vacancies said that in SC category, there were 13,979 filled up positions and 14,366 (50.68%) unfilled out of total 28,345 posts. The situation looked similar in the ST category as there were 9,404 filled up posts and 12,612(56.28%) unfilled as against the total vacancies of 22,016 in ST category (The New Indian Express dated 8 Oct,2021). To expect fair dealing in states of India and their services cadres the less said better. Unbiased head can see greatest gaps in appointment of Dalits as Vice Chancellors of Universitas, HOD’s in departments of learning and other departments where appointments are by nomination. There are fields of governance as Army, RAW, Atomic Energy etc under Government. Although SCs, STs, OBC people have been found more laborious and honest, still do not find placement these departments in any senior position. Writer N. K Singh’s ( writes in the Punjab Kesri of 2nd March,2022, that Private sector’s has 45.5crore (organised 3.5crore, unorganised 42 crore) employment and Govt. sectors have 2.60 crore (states 2 crore, Central Govt.60 Lakh). This way reservation rules are applicable only govt. sector (partly). In Private sector, these rules are not applicable, so in controlling and managerial sector hardly anybody from the reserved categories finds access. The SCs, STs, OBCs personals get observed in Labour and junior level clerical posts on the whims and wishes of owners. Political parties include in their manifestos schemes like giving free lap tops, LPG cylinders, ration, cash dolls, instead of including in their manifestos general welfare schemes, like opening/improving health care ,education, employment, old age care, communication, road connectivity, power, animal husbandry , diary forming, agriculture, trade ( Urban, rural) industries, housing schemes for homeless , craft, child and women welfare, insurance for those who are involved in cleaning services, scholarships for marginalised sections(incl. foreign for higher education), increasing wages, pays of employees, regularisation of daily wagers, price control, improving law and order, reducing back log of, court cases and vacant posts of reserved category persons) etc. The cash- dolls, free distribution of other items generates corruption and help in easy election win for political parties. For spouting willing unity thoughts, major hurdles need, be isolated and fired with human heart. The education spread and media efforts to point out lapses in governing process has made people aware of the avoidable excesses caused to their cause. Now our democracy is 75 years but the top 10% holding 57% of national income in 2021, and the bottom 50% holding just 13% cannot be taken as a good sign for mass unity. (Source: - The Indian Express New Delhi dated 10 Dec.2021 ). Dated 3 March,2022. Words:1936 Words 1937

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