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Distinctive similarity of thoughts and Actions Of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar and Kabir

Distinctive similarity of thoughts and Actions Of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar and Kabir Kabir (1398-1518) Bhagati cult must have been clearly and strongly cultivated in the thought process of family members of Bhimrao Ambedkar, a Mahar by caste. Mahar were low caste Hindus. Bhima’s parental and maternal families had great faith and following of Kabir Bhagati cult. The Britishers had abolished caste barriers for at least in their armed services. Britishers also had established education standards for its soldiers as per their ranks. Ramji Sakhpal’s brothers and father Malogi Sakhpal were in army so have had attained required education standard. Bhimrao’s mother Bhimabai had her father and six uncles all subedar Majors in the British Army, so were educated too. They all belonged to Sant Mat cult with Kabir teaching engrossed in their life following. Kabir devotional songs were sung twice daily in his house. In the morning and evening every family member had to join without fail. Any child who tried to skip was admonished. Although Bhimrao Ambedkar had listened in apt attention from his father stories of Ramayana and Mahabharat but still he had in his life followed ideals of three icons “Buddha, Kabir and Phooley”. Bhimrao took them as his Gurus. Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar was engrossed with the ideals and Bhagati songs of Kabir so deeply that on the list night of his life, before retiring to bed he was singing “ Chal Kabira,Tera Bhav Sagar Dera” . This showed that Dr. Ambedkar’s Kabir Bhagati had given him life’s insight realities so he knew his end was near. Let us in brief find how far they had similarities in their thought and action. Kabir, a Muslim born, was par excellent Bhagati Movement Saint. Kabir was said as “Kabir is Supreme God “- Guru Nanak Dev Ji ( SGGS page 721) . Dr Saheb Ambedkar and Kabir discarded what was unstainable on practical life critical reviews. Kabir decried all what was projected as religious acts, but actually not found so. Bhagati revolutionary saints discarded such facts, irreligious void acts imposed by Brahmin and Muslim priests (pujaris) on simple, poor, illiterate people but having deep faiths in religion. These saints closely looked into the partibility of religious norms, they understood that Hindu religion norms grant all fruits for upper castes and useless wastes to shudras, taking that too an act of favour to them, from upper castes. They found that Hindus had banned for shudras wearing new clothes, ornaments, eating fresh food and decent means of life. Along with shudras Hindus treated women with bias so enslaved them, blocking all their human rights including rights to own property and leading independent life. Due Brahminical unnatural resources divide, Shudras had to sustain life even on carcases of dead animals. The Bhagati movement Saints found that Hindu have concocted stories of caste norms therefore not acts of God. These saints even found ill-founded Hindu techniques to ward off troubles through variety of Dogmas, Havans (Burning of cereal’s and Ghee in fire) Yaagya (Religious sacrifice with feasts), ritual’s, like 68 Tirath yatras to take bath in Holi water courses, Karvat (Sawing of human bodies of rulers,rich), Sharaada (funeral and periodic ceremony for dead), Varat (Austerity, fasting). Such practices were nothing except creating fear psyche and looting resources of people with promises of warding off effects of bad karmas and diseases. To avoid Nark (Hells) and welcome to Sawarg (heaven) enjoyment after death to those who followed Brahmin dictates. But saints found these nothing but unfounded false claims by thugs cheats. Such were Brahmanical mind woven religious complexities that their utility could not face serious reviews besides being beyond the understanding of common persons. Such futile acts had to be performed by engaging Brahmins, Bhudevas (Gods on the earth), a perennial source of Brahmins livelihood. Brahman’s Vedic scripture language was Sanskrit. Why Hindu deities understood only Sanskrit was a mystery. Against this Saints used common man’s language in their discourses. Although Dr. Ambedkar knew 9 languages but used local dialect to address masses. Hindus had strictly demonstrated over period of time that they can suffer loss of their followers but cannot compromise with their Sanatandharma or Chaturvarna norms. Chaturvarna religion was based on Manusmiriti and Vedas foundation so immune to doubts and questioning. This non compromising Hindu attitude created grounds for conversion of masses to other religious faiths. This way one time in majority Hindus got reduced to 70%, with Muslims 21 % and Christians 1%, others 8% in 1901 census. Dr. Baba Saheb carried for 5 years agitation for entry of Shudras into Kala Ram temple Pune1930, burnt Hindu Law rules book Manismirity1925, carried Mahad water protest to warn Hindus to mend their ways towards his people, but all in vain. Many such earlier attempts for temple entry like Menakshi temple (Madras)1874, Amravati temple entry1928, Vikom temple Trivandrum 1924 also failed due to Hindu hard-line thinking. Dr. Baba Saheb was fully convinced of fact that his people will not get Human Rights as Hindus. So, he publicly announced at Yeola Maharashtra to leave Hinduism on October 16, 1935. He got converted or say, join back ancestral religion Buddhism in 1956 with lakhs of his followers. Some unbiased historians say creation of Pakistan gave Hindus, in disguise, 85% majority with ruling edge for 15% upper castes. The brahmins must have been afraid of any future dangers like Buddhist conversion of past, if shudras revolting and united against them. These Brahmin designated shudras were one-time Buddhists. So, to ward off such possibilities Brahmins created water tight divisions of castes, sub castes, gotras and more among shudras. Brahmins created for them distinctive visual division marks like Tilak( for head colour mark), Yagyopaveet ( Holy thread) chotti ( Long hair curl on head),special styled Dhoti (lower body covering) beads wearing etc. To this Kabir declared futile, no relevancy for worship. these futile “ Malla Tilak Lagaye Ke,Bhagat naa Ayi Hath, Darri Munsh Mundaye Ke Chaley Duni Ke Sath”. Means:, By wearing Beed neckless onecannot gain progress in worship. What is the use to shave off beard, moustache,if one has to follow world ways. The job profiles divisions was declared for society wellbeing, but actually it was division of workers. Brahmins divided them as those who could enter homes of three upper caste, touch them, for their services like barbers, carpentry, potters, washermen, cleaning utensils, cooking, so they were touchable shudras. Other shudras who were to perform outside services jobs like, watchmen, carry messages to distant places on death, marriages etc, cobblers, weavers, arcticians, musicians, drummers, gymnastics, snake charmers, animal rearing, removing dead animals, cleaning and watering streets, flushing floors, toilet, midwifery duties, carry out night soil etc. they were called Ati Shuras and they had to live outside upper caste inhabitations. These castes divide was as many as 6743 and constituted 65% of Indian population (Mandal commission report 31 Dec 1980). The majority of minorities, Muslins, Sikhs, Buddhist, Jains (20% of Indian population) are converters from Hindu Shudras. As published by Government of India in 2014, Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011 conducted by the Registrar General of India has come out with 46,73,034 categories of caste, sub-caste, synonyms, different surnames, gotras in the caste and clan names (Deccan Herald. 17 July). Baba Saheb Ambedkar torpedoed this Brahminical thought and Joined Buddhism on 14th October, 1956 to make way for all Shudra classes to leave their Hindu caste divides and be one as Buddhist, where there is no caste divide. Dr. Ambedkar’s value-based arguments in three Round Table Conferences, meeting and memorandums to British delegates had already got untouchables divide confined into only three categories as SCs, STs and OBCs in 1931 census estimates. All Bhagati movement saints namely Nam Dev, Fareed, Nanak, Ravidas, Tuka, Sain, Bulley Shah , Hafiz, ,Chokhamela etc. were firm in their beliefs but mild in their words. Kabir was bold, fearless and undaunted in dealing with his opponents. Meaningful, fearless and boldness in his expression was unique. Similarly, Dr. Baba Saheb had value base and clarity of expressions. So both never shrieked in their views, no matter the person addressed was a king or pauper. Dr. Baba Saheb told on the face Mahatma Gandhi, uncrowned king of Congress and Chaturverna Hindus, “Mahatmas have come and gone but problem of my people has remained”. Kabir told Brahmins who bosted their clan purity “ Maila Brahma, Maila Indu, Ravi Maila hai Maila Chand ,Meaning deities like Brahma, Indra are polluted; the Sun and the Moon also polluted (SGGS Ang 1158). For such boldness both had to suffer for sticking to their set life goals. Kabir suffered Sikandar Lodhi’s excesses and Baba Saheb Ambedkar faced a number of life elimination attempts. Baba Saheb had taken strong but correct, justified position, before reaching listed conditions before signing Poona Pact in 1932. Hindu leaders were adamant not to heed conditions offered by Baba Saheb to allow scraping untouchable’s Dual Voting Rights given to end communal tangle through franchise. Instead, the Hindu reactionaries had threatened Baba Saheb to cremate him alive the pyre of Gandhi, if Gandhi died due to his undertaken fast and hard line and delaying tactics of Dr. Ambedkar in accepting offered conditions. The political reservation of seats in legislation and reservation in government services, as percentage of population of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, to total Indian population, was churned out by Baba Saheb through negotiation in Poona Pact 1932 in lieu of Dual Voting Rights. Even political seats were increased from 71 to 148 in provincial and central Assemblies. Baba Saheb gave second birth to Gandhi following Lord Buddha’s principle of showing compassion even for one’s rivals. Both Kabir and Baba Saheb Ambedkar were exemplarily great in their fields of working. Kabir a truthful mystic saint and was lover of all humanity, whereas Baba Saheb was a political giant with world class knowledge and skills. Both loved all creations of Almighty Supernatural Power, with variety of names Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and salutations with malice towards none. Bhagati Movement saints were in fact religious revolutionary and opposed all unreligious theories preached by Brahmin learned persons in the name of mysticism. The Brahmin policy framers to innocent seekers of God realization with sole moto of Eking out their livelihood and keep enslaved shudras. Baba Saheb was for socio-, political equality for all human and Kabir for socio-religious equality. Kabir has enormous literature in his name and Baba Sahib ‘s writing and Speeches are contained in about 22 volumes in English alone published by the Maharashtra Government besides in other languages. His personal library with 50,000 books was a world unmatched record. Baba Saheb had command on 64 subjects and he knew 9 languages (Hindi, Pali, Sanskrit, English, French, German, Marathi, Persian, and Gujarati).Kabir had no schooling but used words of variety of langages in his Bhajans. Renowned authors Karine and W.H. McLeod in their book “The Saints” published by Motilal Banarsidass has given following details of Kabir works in an easy by Linda Hess. 1. Guru Granth Sahib 226 (Padas) distributed in 16 Ragas. With 237 or 239 Salokas. 2. Panchvani 810 Sakhis in 59 sections or angas with384 pads. 3. Kabir Bijak has 84 Ramainis,115 Sabadas,353 sakhies , 34 miscellenious. Saints decried all Hindu and Muslim religion building blocks, which they found unrealistic for spirituality. A powerful tool in the hand of Pujaris and Mullas was salvation , fears to reach heaven (SAWARG) and to avoid hell (NARAK) . Saint Palto in his Kundlian proclaimed: - “Sant Na Chayen Mukat Ko,Nahi Patharath Char, nahi Patharath Char Mukat Santan Ki Cheri, Ridhi Sidhi Par Thukan,Sawarg Ki As Na Heri” Kabir Ji said (Adi Granth Panna 969-16 Kabir) Kavan Narak Kaya Saward Vichara ,Santan Dou Radhey Hum Kahu Ki Kann Na Kadtey,Apne Gur Parsadey Meaning: - Saints neither seek salvation, nor worldly wealth’s, as salvation is under their command, they spit (discard) on miracle powers and have no desire for heaven, terming these as misconceptions. Meaning: Saints decry both hell (Narak )and heaven (Sawarg), as they have attained heights or salvations beyond Sawarg or Narak with the grace of their Guru . To explain useless caste divide Kabir Said Jat Nahi Jagdish Ki, Hari-Jan Ki Kaha Hoi. Jat Pat Ke Kich Main Doub Maro Mat Koi”. ( Kabir Granthawali-359) Meaning; If the Creator “Jagdish” has no caste, how a person can have it. Let no one get drown in the caste mud and dirt differences’ so give no importance to castes. Jat Pat Puchhey na koi,Har ko Bhaje so Har Ka hoi While decrying bathing in designated water sources, performing human and animal sacrifices Kabir said (Adi Granth Panna 656) “ Kayya Manjis Koun Gunna, Jyon Ghat Bhitar Malna. Meaning :- bathing and washing of body has no spiritual Layoki Athsath Tirath Nayi Kayorapan Tyon na Jayi”.. use .It is like cleaning an empty earthen pot. If a bitter guard is made to wash in sixty eight holi water of designated rivers/tanks (Tiraths for Hindus),it does not lose its bitterness. The Maan or mind cannot be controlled by external means. Ajamedh, Gomedh Yag,Ashawmedh, Narmedh, Meaning:- Slaughtering animals like goats, cows, horses Kahey Kabir Adharam Ko Dharam Bataven Ved and men as oblation in religious sacrifices Kahey Kabir Adharam Ko Dharam Bataven Ved along with religious books including Vedas ( Kabir Shabdawali page 353) preach against true religious norms, so said Kabir). Saint Namdev sayth about falsehood for pretending bhagati means, “Sanp Kunj shorey, Vikh Na Tiyage,Udhak Mahin Jesse Baggu Dhain Mandey”. (Satgur Namdev panna 485) As a snake can off load old skin, but not the poison and a crane pretends to be engrossed in worship but as soon as it finds a fish, it pounces upon and swallows it. Similarly, a person engaged in worldly ills behaves as if a great worshiper of God but does not lose ego and continues to be hardhearted. Saints among whom over 90% were from Shudra casted disapproved the Brahminical methods of living on alms. Kabir Sahib Said, “I shall prefer to die than living on begging”. Guru Ravidas Said, “I always keep my mind absorbed in Lord’s worship and my hands remain engaged in earning for livelihood”. Dr. baba Saheb in his hard days worked very hard to support his family. His wife Mata Rambai joined hands to earn and support both family and her husband her Saheb. These saints used “RAM” for the name of supreme being. Guru Granth Sahib used 2533 times, in Kabir vani’s 381,Guru Ravidas Vani in SGGS-22,confusion was created by vested interests that the Saints worship “Ram” who was said to be son of Dashrath and Sita’ spouse. But is actual theses Saints were not worshiper of that Ram. Namdev said “Ram Japat Koi Naa Tariyo” (GGS1105). In his 22 comandments ( 22 Pritiyans). Baba Saheb pledged to not worship any Hindu deity. Kabir ji said to clarify “Ram Bhara Ki Ramhi Jaya “ Meaning Is Raja Ram greater or One, Who has given birth even to Raja Ram. Kabir Ji described not one but four Rams:- “ Ek Ram Dashrath Ka Beta,Ek Ram Ghat Ghat Main Leta,Ek Ram Ka Sagal Pasara,Ek Ram En Sab Se Niyara”. Or One Ram was King Dashrath’s Son, One Ram is Mann ( mind power) residing in all humans, One Ram is Kal ( Dharam Raj) who mages Triloki affairs and one Ram is above all other three, to whom he worships. Then in whom Kabir hath mystic faith, Kabir clarified in explaining “Kabir Ke Swami Esey Thakur, Ja Ke Mai Na Bap Re” i.e. He is beyond birth and death circle and so Immortal. These Saints said loudly that Creator is not approachable by wondering outside, observing celibacy, body decoration, fasting and reading Holy literature books. Explaining futilities of religious books and their reading for gaining spirituality Kabir Said “Ved Puran Parey Ka Kaya Gunn, Khar Candan jass Bhara” meaning reading Ved Puran are as useless for a mystic purpose as Sandalwood load pack on a pony , donkey. Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar in 1936, wrote, “The Hindu religion, as contained in the Vedas and the Smritis, is nothing but a mass of sacrificial, social, political and sanitary rules and regulations, all mixed up. What is called religion by the Hindus is nothing but a multitude of commands and prohibitions.” (The Economic Times Politics updated 24 Jan,2017) All realized body souls said “HIS abode is human body”. To find Him one has to seek guidance from a “Realized Soul”, called Guru, Peer, Murshid and concentrate within human body. EACH HUMAN FRAME IS HIS ABODE. Even apostle Paul called human body as “Temple of Living God” “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (ESV). In spiritual terms, it often feels that we’re at war with our flesh. And, I’m not just talking about the battle of the bulge. Some religious and theological perspectives posit a stark dichotomy between the flesh and the spirit. God, however, proves once and for all that the flesh is not inherently bad or sinful by the incarnation of his Son. Jesus became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14). Buddha said, “Be thy own Light”. Baba Saheb followed this principle and strained his body in getting world’s highest academic degrees, so knowledge. His Alma Mater Columbia University compiled knowledge Bank of its students in last 100 years and found Baba Saheb topping the list Based on a global survey called "The Makers of the Universe" a list of top 100 humanist people of the last 10 thousand years was made by Oxford University, in which the fourth name was Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Kabir gave greatest message to fighting forces of evil and suppression for the safety and welfare of weak masses and even not worry from such a death by getting cut into pieces. He said “Soora So Pahchaniye,Jo Lare Dinn Ke Haith,Purja Purja Katt Marey Kabhun Naa Chhorey Khett.”.This also applies equally to the spiritual exercises to enter sub conscious state of human body. Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar lived and died for the upliftment of weak including women. Despite being world’s highest qualifies,held highest offices,but when died had a debt of Rupees ten thousands on his head. Hour of his children died in fancy due to unviability of medical care. Kabir left Banaras for Maghar his last days, died in poverty ridden conditions. Kabir had travelled far and wide to spread his message of love, devotion and stand by the oppressed. In India Kabir’s teaching is every household lore and have many followers. Unlike Brahmin and Muslim godmen who could not cross their religion boundaries. Hindu, Muslim,Sikhs seek guidance from the Kabir teaching. However, Kabir stressed more on Bhagati and so building moral values with an eye for spirituality and salvation. All his teaching was directed towards Mukti, rescue of soul from worldly bondage of 84,000 births and deaths cycle. His stress was to achieve targets of soul advancement as per Hindu shastras but with enhanced moral values by sticking living in the life circumstances as per one’s birth. His life approach seemed directed towards goals fixed by Brahmana Shastras with modified ways and means. He believed in present life fate good or miserable due to past karmas. So stressed to follow quality karmas for better fate in next birth to make life comfortable. This way he worked to improvement of means not smashing the system. Kabir could not challenge Brahminical curse of control over all worldly comforts. But Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar did not believe in karma theory. He said shudras life was made hell deliberately by acts of Brahmanas and not of any Godly acts. It was a Brahminical mischief to have moral, body, financial control on shudras for self-comforts, hiding under the carpet of God’s will. Brahmins claimed that all that is on the earth belongs to them by act of God and their service was supreme ,for human all on the earth, without query. Even Rajas had to acts as per commands of Brahmins. Brahmin’s word was rule, his actions had no appeals. He was judge, attorney, appeal police for others. Brahmin’s curse could spoil next birth comforts as self-claimed by them. Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar contested this as a deceit full act of Brahmins. Dr Baba Saheb snatched due rights of his people from Brahmins on the strength of his knowledge. He burnt the law book of inequality “Manusmiriti” and as Modern Manu gave Indian its Constitution based on Justice ,Liberty, Equality and Fraternity for all. Barriers of caste, sex, color, economies, place of birth were smashed. All those Laws which did not confirmed to Socialistic, Democratic, secular Republic Character of India were removed. Untouchability, the deadliest weapon of Brahmin was banned by act of Constitution. Practice of untouchability in any form was made non bailable and punishable act. State resources belonged to all Indians. Community welfares was the first charge to budgetary provisions. Everybody had to follow Constitutional Law in the country. None was above constitutional provisions. So, act of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar completely changed the world for past time unprivileged persons. Slavery cage of lowly graded human by Brahmins was broken and all given equal share in Indian open sky. Words 3543 Dated 28th January,2022,

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