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Memories of Babu PMemories of Babu Parmanand,Son of the soil

Memories of Babu Parmanand,Son of the soil.
( Tributes to the son of the soil on his 12th Death Anniversary falling on 24-04-2020)
                                                                                           By: - Er. H. R. Phonsa Dogra Rattan Babu Parmanad , rose from a mud hut  in  Sarore, a small village of Jammu and Kashmir  to  Haryana Raj Bhawan Chandigarh. He was born on the 10th   August 1932 to revered Sh. Jaggu Ram & Smt. Matyan Devi. His parents were deeply religious souls, having deep faith in Sant Mat as expounded by Saints of Radha Soami Sat sang Beas, Distt Amritsar, Punjab State of India. Village Sarore is largely in-habited by the followers of Radha Soami Satsang, following strict norms of Sant Mat.  It is perhaps first village in UT where weekly Sat sang started before 1947. Sh. Mangoo Ram, Chamar by caste and then panchayat member was the first Satsang Karta of Village Sarore. This Village has the distinction of being the birth place of Parmanand besides Sant Rasila Ram Ji (Dera Head 1966-July 2011) predecessor to the Present Spiritual Master Sant Subhash Chander Singh JI Maharaj of Saidpur Satsang Dera ,Amritsar . Babu Ji completed his schooling from Govt High School Bishnah with high merits.At times he  worked as labourar to earn to support his studies. He passed Bachelor of Arts degree in 1957 from GGM Sc. College Art Esteem Jammu. After this he joined as teacher at Govt. High School Ramgarh presently in Samba District.  He passed with high merits MA (Economics) and LLB, from Muslim University Aligarh. Among his classmates was Mufti Mohd. Sayeed (1936-2016) who was union Home Minister (Dec .1989-Nov 90) and twice Chief Minister (2002–2005) and (2015-16). Two instances during studying at Aligarh are worth mentioning. When he was facing acute financial crisis  he wrote  for financial help and received Rs400/- from Babu Jagjivan Ram (1908 - 86)  then union Transport and Railways later Dy. Prime Minister. This help he remembered life through and also returned empty hand anybody who approached him for such help.  Long working hours to cope for his simultaneous two degrees he suffered from typified so had to get admitted in hospital. The examination was approaching near but he could not effort to miss it. He sought and got university permission to appear in examination from hospital bed. He passed the Examination.  He also appeared in J&K State Civil Services Examination in 1960 and passed with obtaining 9th opposition in merit. Although his financial position was low at the ebb still he decided to enter state ( Now UT) politics against all advices from  his friends and relations.  However when he approached Zenab Gulam Mohd Bakashi ( 1907-72) who was Prime Minister of J&K State ( 1953-63).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

 Babu Ji contested his first Assembly election in 1962 from Ramgarh (Reserved) Constituency and won with high margin. There after he won continuously elections in 1968,72, 77 and 87. He served in different capacities as MLA, Dy. Minister, MOS , Assembly Speaker besides Finance and Power Minister with Zenab Gulam Mohd Bakashi, Zenab Gulam Mohd. Sadiq, Zenab Mir Qasim , Zenab Sheikh Mohd Abdullah and Zenab Farooq Abdullah. Babu Ji was Assembly speaker during Chief Ministership of Zenab Sheikh Sahib. All senior politicians valued Babu Ji’s suggestions and all masses loved Babu Ji for his personal , political and administrative capabilities values. In official, public meetings and social functions he reached at the appointed time. He was soft spoken but firm in his decisions and actions.
 As Finance Minister of J&K State Babu ji ordered uniformity in  bi-annual  Darbar Move TA for all ranks of all moving employees. As Transport Minister he recruited 60% drivers and cleaners from Jammu province and earned title of Jansangi in 1968 from Kashmir ill informed pubic. As Housing Minister he established Jani Pur Housing colony and distributed free plots to poor people mostly Scheduled Caste and Backward classes. The Janipur Housing colony in Jammu was established on modern lines with well planned roads , parks,wide roads,spaces for community welfare activities.
 Under Indra Awash Yogna he took interests to get established new colonies for poor population living in slum areas of the villages. He privately got  developed “Babu Parmanand Residential Colony” in Kalali Tibba RSPURA Jammu for the weaker section of the society.  This colony has over forty plots and peoples feeling secure. But with the untimely passing away of Babu ji development of this colony has slowed down.
Babu Ji stood for values. When Babu Ji was contesting election from Bishnah Constituency. He was then Finance and Power Minister in Dr Farooq Abbdula’s government. A controversy had been raised about Bill No 09 (Tenancy Act),when rumors were a foot that after elections Muslim  residents of J&K State who migrated to  Pakistan in 1947 shall return and occupy the land they previously vacated her. So many border area Refugees in fear of loosing their lands boycotted elections.  One of his blind lady sympathizer Behn Mello Devi asked Babu Ji that her village was likely to boycott   election, but she wants to cast her vote in his favour. Babu advised her to cooperate with her village people, as she has to live there and social contacts should be valued by everybody. But she exercised her right of vote even in acute opposition from the people. Babu Parmanand eventually lost this election, first defeat of his political carrier spanning over six decades. He also contested  for Jammu Parliamentary seat in 1996 and lost. He edited a fortnightly English news paper “ Voice of Depressed” for some time and had to close due to financial crises.
Babu Parmanand was deeply engrossed in the Sant Mat Principles, a way of Saints. As all these saints have preferred family life over austerity.  His marriage was ceremonies   on 6th May 1962 with Sudesh Kumari, daughter of Lala Munshi Ram of Jalandhar town in Punjab State. Lala Munshiram was a well to do sports businessman, who had migrated from Sailkot (Now  in Pakistan ) to India during 1947 turmoil. Babu Ji was blessed with two equally brilliant sons. His elder son Dr. Rajinder Parsad is serving as Professor of Surgery and HO a surgery unit in country's prestigious All India Institute of Medical sciences New Delhi & second son Gagan Jyoti is a Chief Engineer Mechanical in J&K Engineering services. Babu Ji was also blessed with four grand children who are excelling in their studies. His wife smt. Sudesh Kumari served as a school teacher although.
 Babu Ji was member of National Conference, Indian National Cogress and Indian National Congress {O} . When NC leaders defied his value based suggestion he joined BJP on the requests of national leaders   like Atal Behari Vajpai ( 1924-2018) Prime Minister( 1998-2004) ,L.K. Advani, MM Joshi , Kushabhau Thakre  etc to render assistance in mitigating suffering of the masses particularly in J&K. With coming in power of BJP Babu ji was appointed as Governor of Haryana Pradesh. Babu Parmanand Ji was administered the oath of office of the Governor of Haryana on 19th July 2000. On the very next day when Babu Ji was strolling in Raj Bhawan I was with him. We saw that the fruit trees needed trimming and other treatments. Some good land was found vacant. I proposed to Babu Ji to get paddy planting in the fields. The farmer in Babu ji got aroused and from the very next day paddy plantation was planned. Quality seedling from RSPURA Jammu was ordered. During his stay of about four years in Raj Bhawan, all needs of cereals, vegetables, and cow’s milk were met from the production from with in the Raj Bhawan .
 At Raj Bhawan Staff told me that any body can see him by appointment. He is always available to meet masse. All visitors from different shades of society, high or low, to Raj Bhawan are treated as esteemed important persons without caring for protocol rules.  I told his personal  staff that the written protocol rules have been framed during British Times.  He was a   public man and he shall not rest unless he met to all those who wish to see him. He cared little for his personnel comforts. A large chunk of Jammu & Kashmir common peoples, Ministers, officials, political leaders who visited Raj Bhawan are testimony to this statement.
   Babu Ji’s love for the books can get a glimpse from his getting a separate library building built  to house Raj Bhawan Books, which were earlier stored in a small place disorderly. Babu Parmanand toured almost to Block level of Haryana State to see for himself the developmental activities.
 Babu Ji was seen in Raj Bhawan to getting plucked ripe fruits from the fruit trees and distribute it to the Raj Bhawan Staff particularly lower staff. A long list of the needy, poor persons, students, ill &, destitute including women can be drawn who received cash aid, tools, medicines, clothes ; sewing machines for their rehabilitation from Babu Ji. Babu Ji worked for the principles dear to him setting examples to the future occupants of the Raj Bhawans as Governors. If Dr K.R. Narayanan ( 1920-2005) 10th President Of India is known as a working  President, Babu ji proved as a public Governor.
      Once a deputation of common people from RSPURA Jammu went to Haryana Raj Bhawan .  They stayed in Raj Bhawan,   When they were taking their lunch, Babu Ji went to see them, as if, he lacked faith in his staff in service of his guests. While talking to them, Babu Ji  told them that he was one from among them. Babu Ji said that he is alive to the situation that to what ever the heights a man may rise on a tree; after all he has to touch the ground again. Almost all Religious heads, Heads of Ders in Punjab and else where visited Raj Bhawn Haryana during Babu Ji tenure as Governor.
 To work for enhancing education capabilities of J&K Students Babu Ji  conceived an  Institution to prepare poor students for ALL India Competitive Examination for All India  and allied services. He purchased 4 Kanals of land in Lower Roop Nagar ( EWS colony),built some infrastructures for the pupose. He also conceived opening of  Bhartiya Dalit Sahitya Akademy for J&K. He was its  founding father remained till his death. This Building was inaugurated in 1994 by His Excellency General (Retd) K.V.Krishana Rao Ex. Indian Army Chief and Governor of J&K State.  Alas his untimely death has kept his dream projct as unfulfilled. A library in the name of “ Dr Ambedkar” is working there.  During his life Babu Ji was decorated with many prestigious Awards, titles for his meritorious services to nation.
 Babu ji   shed his  mortal body  frame at his house  when all family members were present, after suffering for 10 months with deadly  liver cancer on early morning of 24th April,2008.   I was also on his bed side.
     Babu Ji’s popularity was demonstrated by the Government and People of the J&K State, when a Government Holiday was declared on his unfortunate death. Over 10,000 peoples from all shades of life including State Governor Lt. Gen( Retd) S.K..Sinha, Chief Minister Gulam Nabi Azad, State Cabinet members, All high dignitaries of J&K State( now 2 UTs), leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha and former Dy. Prime Minister L.K. Advani , Santa Kumar former CM ,H.P state, All India President of the Bhartiya Dalit Sahitya Akademy Dr. S.P sumnakshar , many religious Heads of Deras , joined Babu Ji’s last rights.  Babu JI given State funeral. Thousands paid their visits to the residence of the Babu Ji to console his family members, Hundreds of letters of condolences were received. One of the mourners from Kashmir termed Babu Ji as a “Darvesh”.  Among those who visited Babu Ji’s residence for paying tributes to the departed soil was Dr. Farooq Abdulla, Nazir Ahmed Sheikh( Advocate), delegation of officers of Radha Soami Satsang,Radha Soami Satsang Saidpur Head Baba Rasila Ram and many more to share grief of family members. Babu Ji’s ashes remains were immersed  in river Chenab and River Beas  observing Radha Soami preached ways.
 Over 15,000 men and women from all walks of lives attended Babu Ji 10th  day after death  sat sang delivered by Sant Baba Rasila Ram Ji.
 Babu Parmanand was honest to the core of his heart. Babu Ji shall be long remembered for his qualities of head and heart.
Words 2074
  Dated 23-04-2020

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