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14th April the International Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Day of Euality

                       14th April  the International Dr. B.R.Ambedkar  Day of Euality
                   ( Remembering Dr. Ambedkar On his 129th  Birth Anniversary falling on 14th April 2020)
                                                                                     BY:-  Er H.R.Phonsa,Jammu
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 14th April is being celebrated   internationally to mark the birthday of Dr. Baba sahib Ambedkar, an Indian jurist, politician, philosopher, anthropologist, socialist scientist, historian and economist. Dr Ambedkar was born on 14 April 1891 at  Mhow a cantonment in the Indore district in Madhya Pradesh state of India, now Ambedkar Nagar since 2003.  Ambedkar alias Bhiva was 14th child of his parents Revered Ramji Sakhpal , a Subedar –Major in East India Company Army and self respecting,  religious minded Mata Bhimabai.  Bhimabai passed away when Bhimva allies Bhim  was six years old   leaving her six  siblings under care of her husband’s sister Mirabai, who was  herself handicapped. Against all odds and worst hit by caste supported untouchability he passed his Matriculation in 1907, a first in the history of Untouchable  Mahar caste. Nearly same time Bhim was married to Ramabai.  With the financial assistance from Baroda Naresh , Maharaja Siya Ji Giawad III,  an untouchable student who received his early education from  outside his class room, went thirsty days long, whose teacher gave him his name, due to his  sincere urge backed by his continuous hard labour, to get high qualification  crowned himself with world’s highest academic Degrees of  B.A; MA; M Sc; Ph.D; L.L.D; D Sc; D.Litt; Barrister-at-Law.   Although many a times he had to satisfy his hunger by a single loaf of bread but labored to learnt ten languages including Sanskrit  with proficiency in speaking seven . The efforts of Doctor Ambedkar to strive for high qualifications  also show his resolve to attain  Equality showing  low caste is no barrier to achieve heights even higher than high caste people.  
During whole life his mind and soul  kept searching and struggling  for Equality and  projecting necessity  for Equality  despite facing himself  inequality, more so from his own countrymen orthodox Hindu  religious  fundamentalists . His fight in all world forums where even he went and spoke, he was demanding Equality to masses without distinction of caste, creed, colour, sex, place of birth, economic or family status. His speeches judged as the best of all speeches delivered in three Round Table Conferences held between  Novmber,1930  to December 1932 in London  attended  including  world mighty British crowned King His Majesty George V  with Prime Ministers  Ramsay MacDonald his Cabinet colleagues ,British Parliamentary  delegation consisting  of 16 from all 8 parties. In the First RTC conferences were present Indian politicians (58) and, delegates of Princely States (16). This was strength of Ist RTC, with some changes for II & III TRCs. In his speeches  Dr. Ambedkar  challenged working with fixed priorities towards Indian, particularly neglected, poor, ill dressed, illiterate, starving masses caught  in religious prejudices . He was addressing to all powerful British Government, uncrowned kings of Indian political   leadership besides   Indian Kings , with earnest requests to make changes in their planning ,  thinking and  projected priorities   to reduce prevailing all round  inequalities in Indian administration.  Dr. Ambedkar  British government to quit India immediately as it had failed to provide Equality to her Indian subjects.
His only concern to meet and make  representations before committees and commissions like Southborough Commission on 27 January 1919, SIMON COMMISSION on October 23, 1928 and many more in India and abroad were to exress for amicable solution for removal of  prevailing man made  inequalities and ill treatment to his down trodden people called Untouchable. The Untouchables Shudras( Presently called SCs, STs )  had in 1901, a population of 5,32,96,636 (18.93%)  against total Indian population of 28,08,75,176 .This excluded touchable Shudras ( Present day OBC’s) population. His main aim in organizing, Mahad  water tank protest march, agitation to enter Kala Ram Temple or his resistance to his poise  wife Ramabai to take her to –Vithoba diety  temple  were to put  fight against religious forced inequalities and denial of Human Rights to his people. His burning of the  controversial Hindu Law Book “ Manusmiriti” was not for  any personal gains but to  burn publically  the prevailing Hindu  religious ego and caste hate towards their religious brethren the Untouchables.
His work as Labour member ( 1942-46)  of Viceroy’s Executive Council shows his earnest desire to have equality in working hours and wages for male and female workers. His concern as labour member expressed in Labour Conferences and later issuing appropriate orders getting paid holidays, banning night shifts for female workers, right to strike to works on genuine  grounds , rules for dispute resolution between  employees and employers establishing PSCs,  granting Gratuity etc,establishing Employment exchanges and many more
 His signing  the Poona Pact in 1932 with Mahatama Gandhi to save Gandhi’s life was to give a trial to forge Equality between Caste Hindus and Untouchables. But alas after signing pact all orthodox Hindu signatories including M.M. Malvia ,now Bharat Ratna , drank and sprinkled Ganga water on them to clean caste pollution  they got while signing pack with Baba Sahib and other untouchables leaders.
 A boy debarred Sanskrit subject in school syllabus holding low caste tag due to his qualities of head and heart, was made the  Chairman of  Indian Constitution Drafting Committee, gave equality to all Indian  in all  life spheres as the main theme. The  practice of untouchability which hunted whole life was made a punishable act in india.
 His attempt  to get passed Hindu Code Bill in Parliament was to give legal teeth  for granting equality in all spheres of life for Indian women suffering Orthodox male’s atrocities .He drafted  the Indian Constitution Preamble, declaring India to be a sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic republic. The objectives stated in the Preamble are to secure justice, liberty, Equality to all citizens and to  promote Fraternity assuring the  individual Dignity to maintain unity and integrity of the nation.
 When all efforts by Doctor failed to get reforms on scientific base his Hindu Religion he decided to leave it in 1935. He studies all world religions and found all of them wanting to provide  Equality. After deep religions study he embraced Buddhism which stood for Equality among all human. He embraces Buddhism along with his over one Million followers bringing it back to its land of  birth after 2500 years.
 On his unfortunate death on 6th December 1956 and his cremation the next date in Bombay ( Now Mumbai) another half a Million his followers embraced Buddhism. His getting Bharat Ratna, the highest Civilian Award (posthumously) in 1990 gave recognition to  his fight for rights of  deprived humanity and his lifelong efforts to fight out inequalities peacefully.
 When GOI under PM Narinder Modi decided in May, 2015 to celebrate125th Birth Day of Baba Sahib falling in 2016 on Government level. Shri Romesh Chandra IFS  Ambassador submitted to GOI through External Minister a proposal to write a demarche to UNES to Celebrate 14th April the Birthday Of Dr. Ambedkar  as “  International Day of Equality”.  This proposal was acknowledged by UNES Division of MOEA. Shri Romesh Chandra IFS  Ambassador  solicited support from Various stake holding individuals,  forums, Association based in India and abroad who extended their full support   to his proposal The Forum of  SCs, MLA.s MP’s also wrote in November 2015 similar letter to Sh. Narinder Modi Indian Prime Minister to officially  approach the UN to  declare 14th April as “ International Dr.B. R. Ambedkar Day of Equality”.  In pursuance of all these efforts 125th Birth day of Baba Sahib on 14th April, 2016 was celebrated by UN at New York   where the proposal of  “ International Day of Equality” was also registered with UN and International Community.  Shri Romesh Chandra IFS Ambassador in association with some media houses (Ambedkar Times, Desh Doaba ( both  California  USA based) and Bhim Patrika ( Jalander,Punjab) continued their constant and concerted efforts to get the mooted proposal accepted by International Community. Their efforts bore fruit when on 6th April, 2020 the city Of Burnaby ( Canada) MAYOR MR. MIKE HURLEY took lead and proclaimed 14th April to be celebrated as “ Dr. B. R. Ambedkar  Day of Equality.”   
 Our regards  to Bharat Ratna Baba Sahib Dr, B.R Ambedkar on his 129th Birth Anniversary, whose unblemished personnel character coupled with his unparallel qualification based life long working efforts for gaining  human “Equality” . Also for  his lifelong pursuit to his Cherished goal of “Equality” raising India’s head high in International Community. Our regards also to all those who continually chased their proposal with International Community to celebrate 14th April as“ Dr. B. R. Ambedkar  Day of Equality.”
         Dated 11-04-2020                            BY:-  Er H.R.Phonsa,Jammu
                                            Contact :  Mob +9194191340

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