Friday, September 27, 2019

Why creat controvercies for the permnently settled Nation Issues.

August 2019 news about sermons of Sh.Mohan Bhagwat RSS Chief suggesting dialogue between Anti and Pro Reservation supporters to settle this issue once for all. The RSS chief and final word to BJP Government in India has started a new topic on reservation by opening conversation between Pro and Anti Reservation groups in India. The reservation issue is well settled issue as per the Indian Constitution. It is not a temporary provision like Art.370 and 35-A now remoddled / removed by Reorganization Of J&K State Act of 2019. In making Art. 370 Dr. Ambedkar the father of Indian Constitution was first to oppose its inclusion. But the reservation issue which spouted from roots in the neglect and worst typed atrocities perpetuated on Untouchable (Now Dalits or SCs, STs, OBCs) by their religious superior brothers (Brahmins,Khatriyas,Vaisyas) for centuries. Before 1947 Independence on 26th July 1902 Chhaterpati Sahu Ji Mahraj the Emperor Of Kohlapur ordered 50% reservation in services for Backward Classes and also Raja of Pangal ( Ruled July 11,1921to Dec.3 1926), Madras Presidency ordered reservation for Back warded Classes in 1921. Official records show in 1902 in Kohlapur State 98% Ministers were Brahmin whose population was only 3% of the total population of the Kingdom.
While presenting the miserable conditions of Indian Dalits on 27 January 1919, Dr. Ambedkar submitted a memorandum and gave evidence before the Southborough Commission. He submitted glaring instances of neglect of his people due to prevailing untochability based hate. He submitted that in the whole Bombay Presidency there was one B.A. and 6 or 7 matriculates among the depressed classes. The proportion of those who were literate in English was very small, but not much smaller than in the case of the backward classes. He also cited a case in which a Mahar caste woman was taken to the police court for selling watermelons. The Dalits had faced worst during Peshwa Rule when every Dalit had to carry an earthed pot in his/her front to spit or nose blowing and a broom in the back to as to broom their foot marks on the ground so that do Brahminsmay not get polluted. This is only one narration of atrocities during Hay days of Hinduism from long list of such atrocities . The foreign invaders including Muslim, the British Rulers did not had courage to touch Hindu religious atrocities on unfortunate human body reduced to living skeletons of untouchable for fear of revolt from Brahmins as they were getting ministrial staff from them to run their rules. Then only Brahmins had education other were kept out of bound from this facility. These facts were explained by Dr. Ambedkar in all committees formed by the British crown from1909 onwards and also in 3 RTCs.
This Reservation for untouchables was recognized as minimum support in the form of reservation to these unfortunate human reduced to skeletons by Hindu Laws. The GOVT. Of India Acts of 1909, 1919, 1935 recognized the untouchables as a minority Separate from Hindus like Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Anglo-Indians and Others. 3 RTC’s held in London where over 200 delegates including Mahatama Gandhi participated. Many of these delegates are now Bharat Ratna Awardees The Communal Award of 1932 and Poona Pact of 1932 had roots in granting safe guards to Untouchables in the future constitution of India. Finally in the Constitution of India settled permanently the reservation for untouchables in services and politics. The Constitution drafting body had 292 elected men of wisdom (193 Hindus & 33 from Reserved Castes) deliberated this matter for 2 years,11 months and 17 days while making the constitution for free India leaving no room for further discussion between the pro and anti reservation communities.
Keeping unity of India dear to his bosom and taking the worries of Hindus shown about welfare of untouchable in free India as real and gentlemanly promises Dr. Ambedkar compromised with Hindus rejecting demands of his own Dalit colleagues like Soami Achhutanand, Gaddar Party leader Mangu Ram Magowalia and many other for Achhutestan,an independent home land for untouchables. Had Dr. Ambedkar fallen in line with other Dalit leaders in demanding Achhutastan for Dalits population 12.36%( OBC population excluded) of India pre-partition population their share would have been roughly as 826698 sq. Km of united India on the analogy that Muslims with population share of about 15.39% got 102948 as Pakistan( East and West). In that case Dalits would have been standing as citizens of Independent country of their own. The Hindu leaders should keep in view the sacrifices Of Dalits in creation of United India, which now a largest democracy on the global map. Majority among 200 participants in 3 RTCs and,193 Hindu Members of Indian Constitution making besides Hindu signatories of POONA Pact are ancestors to many present day Caste Hindu leaders. If these present day caste Hindu leaders own assets created by their ancestors they have no right to dispute their wisdom in granting Reservation to Dalits and to shrink from owning the liabilities created by past Hindu leaders even if they think it a liability.
The present day Hindus leaders should reframe racking up the long settled issues like reservation in services and politics by their ancestors in the larger interests of the unity, fraternity and individual dignity. I will therefore impress upon the present day Hindu leaders to stand by the promises made by their elders. Hindu leaders should own assets and liabilities of yesteryears men of wisdom as per cannons of law established for, secular, democratic republic of Indian Constitution. If they try to create hurdles in execution of settled rules the Dalits will be free to think of their ways to safe guard their interests. Our Dalit ancestors have burnt Hindu Law Constitution book “Manusmriti” in 1925 giving a secular, Democratic Constitution to free India where individual Dignity and Fraternity besides equality before law are paramount. In a society a big brother is big till he behaves and does not force the younger to challenge his authority. His misbehaviour is sever beloe to errode his authority. Hope a good sense prevails in the minds of Caste Hindus to not disturb peace in the Country. They must reign some distructive minds among them who go on issuing unfounded statements and creating ill will among our countrymen. Mind you blind Bhagtas have always created more problems than solving any.
Pl share if you like the idea to maintain communal harmony in this ancient Land of Buddha and ,Ashoka besides many other Great men of wisdom.

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