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Indian Tolerance at its Nadir

                                            By:- Er. H. R. Phonsa     Dt:-14-9-2019
Nature created this world with interdependence of all creatures, plants, and utilities. Many plant seed do not spout if they are not circulated through digestive system of birds where as trees provide food and shelters to birds. Tolerance is key to maintain this divine association.  Long back in the process of human evolution, an idea of mutual understanding and necessity of inter dependence must have occurred in the minds of even primitive people.  It may have   developed in their bonds to live in small groups as this helped them to lend helping hands in times of need. On finding this a useful and practical way to live in harmony living groups, hamlets must have developed giving way to associated living. These community bonds formed societies giving rise to ancient civilisations.  Much is yet shrouded in mysteries about human journey from an ape to the present day man of global village. The world’s known oldest civilisations developed on the theme of brother hood and collective moving ,living and working .How the human mentality and psychology grew to produce  this big change is a matter of interest and subject  of further research to peep deep into it formation of civilisation as early as 3300 BCE. Since human is the only creature in this universe which fully developed brain having analytical sense of coordinating ideas,  analysingand materialising these into productive  action . The Human tolerance to the other’s view point and life styles must have worked in cementing humanity bonds among our great grand fathers. Tolerance not only between human but also for all living beings and non living things including services like water, atmosphere, earth etc. Man is assigned the roll of big brother. With the passage of time greed developed in the thinking of big brother and he at times becomes selfish, self centred and then destroyer. This indifferent attitude of man towards man and all other things  is pushing humanity towards extinction, if not arrested in time.

 We Indian claim to be one of the oldest 10 world’s  civilisation and possessing the oldest religious scriptures. This all must have been possible through the dedicated and unified working of our elders. Our older generations must have worked in unison having accommodating minds for the thoughts and actions of follow actors. What the man possesses today has been gained through utmost tolerance for the fellow men and women. Sadly with the development of idea of  self in the societies, human intellect developed giving rise to greed and selfishness. The sense of self and fear of shortage of resources plays a dominating roll. Human greed and selfishness increased instinct of animality in human. It is wisely said “Nature has enough to meet our needs but not our greed’s”.  From here the intolerance to other’s view point developed.  Development of Different Religions and specific religion scriptures’ further divided humans there by complicating matter further. Now world has are some 4,300 religions. Side stepping the issue of what constitutes a religious adherent divides religions into Churches, Denominations, Congregation, Religion bodies, Faith group, Tribes, Cultures, and movements (Paohow Popchavei  PhD, Quora). The world has witnessed  “ More religions More Confussion” as preists and religious peers use religion to spread hate against their follow religions.

According to the 2011 census, 79.8% of the population of India practices Hinduism ( SCs(22.2% )STs9%),OBC 42.8% included) and 14.2% adheres to Islam, while the remaining 7.37% adheres to other religions (Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Parsis and Iranis , Baha'i and some other ethnically-bound faiths .Many other world religions also have a relationship with Indian spirituality. Hindus are again subdivided into innumerable sub castes as with OBC’S (3743), SC’s (2000) and ST’s (1000) Sub Castes or 6743  castes.   Ramani’s Blog lists 308 castes in Islam which has population of 177 Million in India alone (Indian censes 2011). All these religious faiths revolve around numerous ways to reach out to God through various God realization routes. These religious beliefs preach different worships and different ways of worship to realize God Almighty. But at times this proves a great hurdle in human unity. In efforts to create sectoral   unity humanity is looser.  If anybody argues or disbelieves a particular belief he or she is declared as atheist (Nastic).  Some religious preachers and god men of these religious faiths are on record to spread hatred towards men of other faiths so create intolerance. There goes a saying that the religions hatred resulted in deaths of more men than total killing in all wars in this world. If we preach as one Creator of this universe, then all His creations are blood relations. If God is One, goal to reach Him should also be one, routes may be different. Then where is the possibility of believers of one faith being dearer to God than persons believing in another faith.  In general more the faiths and religious beliefs more are hate and intolerance generating centres.
 Any particular typed species  created by nature has similarities or close resemblances subject to weather Vagaries.  So is human race. Place of birth, economic and social status make but little difference except skin colour.
 There is no difference but variety in creation of nature. Against this every religion has its own laws which have few or no resemblances with any other religion.  It the creation of greed of man which created differences generating hate misconceptions and hostility. This causes differences so generate intolerance.    True religious ignorance plays a great part. Denesh Binjola has rightly said “In India, greedy people offer partnership to God for better profits. Is it not the height of ignorance?”          ( Quora).  Human by nature are selfish with varying intensity from person to person. More instincts of animalism (preoccupation with body and satisfying its needs, lacking spirituality) in a person more selfish and intolerant the person shall be.
Indian civilisation is one of the oldest. The Hindus claim to possess the oldest religious books in the form of four  Vedas( 1900 to 1100BCE) meaning “knowledge”. It also has More than 200  Upnishadas-18 Smirities, 18 Maha Puranas (Great Puranas) and 18 Upa Puranas (Minor Puranas). Despite all this Hindus hate major chunk of their religious brethren  called Untouchables( OBC’S) and out caste( SC’S and ST’s) so generate ill will and intolerance. Excesses on these unfortunate are committed all over India in the name of religion, Cow protection, to maintain purity of worshiping place, but no sane Hindu comes to their rescue and to wipe off their agony tears. India scared Book the Indian Constitution granting dignity with equality in status and opportunity to Dalits is burnt, status of Dalit icons are broken, defaced, their bridegrooms are insulted, rape on their fair sex including minors are being carried in public view many a times in the presence of govt. agencies is causing a great deal of uprising in over74% of the Indian Dalit population. With the passage of time and spread of education among dalit- mulnivasies the sense of self respect is spouting in them, so the atrocities committed on themare being resisted and aired by them.  This results into more organised atrocities and more intolerance on both sides. The overall control over Indian political   system, bureaucracy, judiciary and media by a few upper caste Hindus generate and support intolerance between different sections of the society which need to be arrested with judicious hands.
Different religious faith revelries in India are on the rise .  Many religious and political thoughts are playing a great roll to achieve their selfish goals.  To counter this, human race will have to act untidily. Man will have to control the worst human enemies like ego, lust, sexual instincts, attachment and greed. We have to develop more of   the humility, chastity, Character, sacrifice and goodwill. The men in authority whether in religion, government, politics media must think of uniting and  means to persevere  the human race for its safe future.
 To sum up in a simple but  distinctive manner Former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the occussion of 75th birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi other   former Prime Minister said “unpleasant trends” of growing intolerance, communal polarisation and incidents of violent crimes propelled by hatred of certain groups would damage our polity.
he  continues saying that these  these trends were repugnant to promotion of peace, national integration and communal harmony, which were cherished objectives enshrined in our Constitution.. He advised all Indians to work to arrest these trends of a few.
By:- Er. H. R. Phonsa
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