Sunday, May 29, 2022

We fall easy prey to undefined Whirlpools(भँवर),why?

We fall easy prey to undefined Whirlpools(भँवर),why? Our world if full of variety. Along with other things it has variety in human beings. The human physiatrists have carried researches on human mental makeups and the human phycology the subjects, so have arrived at certain conclusions. They divide human into three categories in respect of growth of their mind and conscious. They have classified person (women included) having Certain, Un-certain and Clear Conscious mind set ups. First (Certain निश्चित) category person takes all things coming in his life for granted, so is ignorant अज्ञानी, he uses no intellect of his own, so has no knowledge of difference in life of a servant, a slave and a free person or a master. He has animal like slave’s intellect. Such persons have no thinking or strive for change. He lives life just for the sake of living. He suits for labour jobs, mostly unclean professions. He can work over time without any protest. He leads a life of dependency on others. The second category with “Un-certain अनिश्चित संदिग्ध” has half knowledge of things so lives directionless, mis-leaded, doubtful and mis- guided and fearful lifestyle set up. He thinks all things are based on one’s fate, controlled by a heavenly power. He lives life on the guidance from others. His life style qualifies “Little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. He takes someone as his guide, Guru and spends his life under his guidance. He loses his own thinking brain power to live life on other’s direction. Psychiatrists say he lives life of dependency, intoxicated with faith or trust on spiritual master thinking his master as a divine entity, away from realities of world. He keeps firm belief on divinity of his Guru leaving nothing on his independent thinking. His life is full of fear, timidity, apprehension and trepidation. His life becomes devoid of revolt against acts done contrary to his interests. He leaves everything to will of divine powers thinking they will punish his enemies for their unjustified acts against weak. The persons with certain and uncertain mind set, fall easy prey to the selfish motto crafty, cunning, deceitful, crooker persons, without any revolt. Although According to Matthew White's “The Great Big Book of Horrible Things” gives religion as the primary cause of 11 of the world's 100 deadliest atrocities still many fall easy prey of religious priests who lay traps of Karmas, heaven enjoyments rewards Haven (Sawarg -स्वर्ग), hell miseries (Narak- नरक) and salvation ( Moaksh-मोक्ष) ) like undefined destinations, crafted by numerous self-designated religious peers. Such men waste most of their disciple’s time and resources but putting them to tread on paths towards un-clear, goals. Their winning ways have one to give distorted meaning- explanations even for universal truths, coined by visionary personalities like a) “Know thy self” of Socrates; b) “Doubt everything. Find your own light.” Of Buddha ; c) "For, behold, the kingdom of God (or Heaven, as is sometimes translated) is within you" of Jesus. d) “God is the creator of human actions and man is the acquisitor” Sunni Theology (Kalam) A person grouped in the third category is either naturally gifted and or self-earned knowledge with clear conscious state of mind (स्पष्ट सचेत). He carries awakened state of mind, a state in which his self-tattva(तत्त्व) performs and consumes all the worldly activities. A “Tattva तत्त्व” is a tinny marrow kernel element which cannot be broken down by physical and chemical methods. Such persons have clear understanding about results of their acts, commissions and omissions so he is fearless. They possess calm, clear, happy and organising mind setups. Their knowledge is scientific reasoning based. Such persons are revolutionary in their acts, ready to bear for their acts from opponents with certain mind setups. Although their number is less but with their ideas, work, commitments, suffering to follow their ways, they have moved the world. They give new ideas, directions and theories to science, social and religious subjects so brought revolutionary changes. Such luminaries are liberal, independent, altruistic, and humanistic. Therefore they are not biased even against their opponents. They are change setters for world order. ( Satyashodhan Samaj Parbodhan by Arvind Mali page10-24). Change setters having Clear Conscious were persons like who moved the world, Buddha, Christ,Hazrat Mohammad Sahib, St. John the Apostle, Galileo, Newton, Dr Alexander Fleming, Pythagoras , Archimedes, Homi Bhabha, Mao Zedong Saint Namdev, Kabir, Ravidas, Nanak, Ghasidas, Iyodhee Thass, Mother Treasa, Mahatama Jyotirao Phuley, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Birsa Munda, M.K. Gandhi ,Karl Max, Abdul Kalam, Stephen Hawking, Ashoke Sen, with many more. (The list is only illustrative not conclusive) Compiled by::- Er. H. R. Phonsa, Jammu

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