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Brief Account of Dr. Ambedkar’s Activities of His Last Five Days

Brief Account of Dr. Ambedkar’s Activities of His Last Five Days By : Er. H.R. Phonsa Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar remained off fully busy even during his life’s last five days. To him time was knowledge. Here is brief of the same. December 1, 1956 , Baba Sahib got up even earlier than his usual time of 7.15 am morning. After morning ablutions, prayed before Buddha Bust, walked in to front veranda, took exercise including yogic asana. Then sat on an easy chair facing sun, took a cup of tea and glanced through morning news papers. He took second cup of tea which had a little sugar added. He asked Rattu to see him at the entrance of the Mathura Road exhibition from 1.30 p.m which shall visit that day. He was escorted to Buddhism Art Gallery , saw Buddha portraits, art pieces, paintings, busts, statues, besides meeting many people who had gathered there , gave back a long look back from entrance, repeating twice “ My Buddha was great”. He met his close confidant Sohan Lal Shastri at the gate, who too had come to visit Exhibition. Shastri asked “Baba Saheb , why the faces of any two portraits, Statues, painting of Lord Buddha do not resemblances of faces, ears and other body parts”. On this Baba Saheb replied till after 600 years of passing of Buddha there was no portrait, statue, painting of Him. There after people started making portraits, pictures to keep His memories fresh for the future generation. No artist had seen Him, so every artist used his imagination, so different minds, produced different art pieces. On way he had a glance of his earlier residence Kothi 1, Harding Avenue, visited his favoured book shops in Connaught Palace, glances throw new additions and ordered some books to be sent to his residence. on returning back to his residence, sat on a sofa took a cup of tea and then busied in his routine writing. Mr.N.C Rattu accompanied him, to whom he again called at 4p.m gave him a rare book of 200 pages on Buddha , borrowed from a Muslim friend with a promise to return next day. Baba Sahed asked Rattu to quickly type it. Rattu discussed the matter with Dada Sahib B.K. Giakward, who arranged 5 type writers and 3 typists. Two boys who stayed in the outhouse of Baba’s Kothi, 26th Alipur Road were also deputed on the assigned job. The tying continued night long. Rattu stayed back in the Kothi. Dec 2nd , 1956. Baba Saheb got up from his sleep at 7.30 am. His servant came to call Rattu .He took the typed copy of the book and presented to his master. He happy to see house job done, held the book in his hands said to Rattu “ you have done indeed a wonderful job today, I must thank you for the same”. His Holiness the Tibtean spiritual head Dali Lama ,had come to India for celebration of 2500 Buddha Mahaprinirvana at Bodh Gaya. He was to be honoured in Ashok Vihar, Mehrauli, New Delhi on 2nd December,the Sunday, and Dr. Ambedkar was also invited by organisers to grace the occasion. Dalia Lama was greatly pleased to see Baba Saheb in the his receiption and called Baba Saheb as “Bodhisatva”. Baba Saheb said if hehad lived two more years he would have transformed India into a Buddhist country. Here an old man told Shankranand Shastri that Dr. Ambedkar was breath is lost soon and he may not live even for a week more. Baba Saheb’s reaching the venue news had gone viral and people in large number had reached there to have Darshan ( glimpse) of their saviour. As Baba Saheb had not to address the gathering, he watched the function as a spectator and, returned back is residence by 2p.m. Had a cup of tea before busying himself with completing last chapter of his under taken “Buddha and Karl Marx” book . In the evening a large number of his followers came to see him and to complaint about erratic working style many of his party functionaries and also informed him the destructive roll of some of the party leaders. He listened them patiently and advised them not to get frustrated telling them he was making soon formation of RPI. These people went back fully satisfied. He returned to his drawing room, sat on a sofa and asked for playing his favourite Buddha songs on radiogram. Servant came to inform him dinner was ready. He then entered kitchen had his dinner of little rice and retired Then entered his bed at 10.40p.m. holding a book in his hand. Rattu did not go his home that day also. Dec 3rd ,1956 When Rattu got up ,he saw Baba Saheb still asleep at 7.30 am. Rattu left for his office on by cycle. At 12Oclock Baba Saheb ranged Rattu to come back early as some important was to be attended by him. Rattu came back2pm. Baba Sahib ‘s mood was little disturbed, he asked Rattu to put some chairs in the lawn as some of his devotees were waiting outside , he wanted to meet them.Baba Saheb met a few devotees around 2pm and had his lunch in the Lawns. A group photograph was taken. Baba Saheb went to see his old ailing Chokidar Ram Chandra ,who was living with his wife in a room by the side of main entrance. Ram Chander attended to Baba Saheb even till late in the night. Ram Chander was running temperature since last three days. And was worried about his wife after his passing away, as they had no family or near relations. Baba Saheb consoled Ram Chandra, saying “Every body have to die, one day or other. Why then to worry. There is no escape from death”. I am not worried of death, so said Baba Saheb. Then Baba Saheb drew close to Ram Chandra consoled him assuring him, they will take his full drawing room and thrust him in to a sofa, he was looking quite disturbed. Rattu displayed on radiogram Buddha songs of his liking. When Rattu went to give medicines to Ram Chander , he was full of praises and gratitude’s to his Saheb,saying his Bhagwan had come to see him. Rattu then returned the typed last chapter of the Buddha and Karl Marx. Baba gave Rattu more hand written sheets for typing; he typed those pages by 11.30 pm in the night and retired there. Dec4th, 1956. When N.C Rattu went to take Baba ‘s permoission to go to his office, he was asked by his master to wait saying,he was going to Parliament House and shall drop him in office . Both reached Parliament House at 10.30 am, Rattu helped Baba Saheb to climb a few steps and was about to leave him to go to his office, nearby, Baba Saheb asked Rattu to wait for him till he came out. Rattu went quickly to his office, explained his position, took permission from his seniors and reached back the Parliament gate within 15 minutes. Baba Saheb came out of House after two hours and dropped Rattu in his office then drove back home. Baba took meals and went into sleep. Mrs Savita Ambedkar and Dr. Malvankar went out for shopping, but came back when Baba had already asked about his wife a number of times from his servant Sudama . Sudama helped Baba Saheb to go to bath room. After that he sat on the tilting chair and asked for a cup of tea. On the absence of his wife from the house Baba Saheb was greatly upset. Seeing him so Sudama informed Rattu on telephoned , to come soon. Rattu Ji came back at 5.30 p. m and found Baba Sahib greatly upset. Baba asked Rattu if, Dr. Savita had come back, he told in negative. Rattu was given some typing work. When his wife came along with Dr. Malvankar from Bazaar, furious Dr. Ambedkar gave her lot of rebukes, she came out of room and asked Rattu to pacify Baba Sahib. Rattu did it, diverted his attention by reading evening news paper headlines. In the evening Baba Sahib dictated two letters one each to P.K.Atre and S.M Joshi, Maharashtian in opposition Congress Party, leaders asking them to join RPI, which he had planned to start soon. Baba saheb asked for incomplete typed script of “ Revolution and counter Revolution in Ancient India” book. Gave some hand written papers, newspaper cuttings for typing to Rattu, asking him to keep those in a separate file, remind him after 3-4 days about those papers. One Visnu Kumar Kardak, Sidhartha Night School Astt. Head Master, who had converted along with his fiancée to Buddhism on 14 Oct.1956, had sought Baba Sahib’s advice for his marriage in the Buddhist way. His marriage was slated to be ceremonised on December 9,1956. Baba dictated a letter for Kardak with the following advice on performing marriage in Buddhist way. It is simple. There is no “ Hom and there is no Saptapadi. The essence of the ceremony lies in placing an earthen pot,newly made between the bride and the bride- groom on a stool and to fill it brimful with water. The bride and the bride- groom to stand on two sides of the pot. They should place a cotton thread in the water pot and each hold one end of the thread in their hands. Someone should sing the Mangal Sutta. Both the bride and the bride- groom should wear white cloths”. Late in the evening he dictated a letter for the Honourable Secretary, Buddha Sasana Council Rangoon( Burma),recalling their earlier meetings at Kathmandu and New Delhi regarding the ways and means for financing the Buddhist Movement. He also reminded him of his( Dr. Ambedkar’s) memorandum submitted to Buddha Sasana Council dated 19 July,1954. He also told the Secretary that the time was ripe as “ like striking iron when it was hot”, for spread of Buddhism movement. Rattu Ji came back to Baba’s bed room at 23.40 hours, when he was given more typing work and asked to stay back in the Kothi. Rattu finished the typing at about 1.30 am, kept it on a table under a paper weight in front of Baba Sahib chair. 5th Dec.1956 Baba Saheb woke up at 3.30 am, Rattu ji helped him to go to bath room. On coming back he asked Rattu to lie him down, took some rest ,saying do not worry he was alright. Baba Saheb got up from sleep at 7am, Rattu helped him to go to bath room. Baba Sahed washed his face, came out, stood before small Buddha image for a while, then came to verandah and sat on a mat, did some prayers and yoga Asana. He then occupied a chair, glanced through news papers and had a cup of hot tea. Rattu left for his office. At 12 noon Rattu got a telephone call from Baba Saheb, asking the fate of the typing important papers he gave him last night. Rattu Ji informed he did type and keep them on his table near his chair. Baba Saheb Cried they were not there, come and give them to me. Rattu came back at 1.30 pm, found the papers missing, searched these out but no success. Meanwhile Dr.Savita Ambedkar quietly placed papers before Rattu, who gave those to Baba Saheb. He queried where the papers had gone, Rattu told, the servant had kept them aside while cleaning the room. Baba Saheb again said,” How here anybody dares to touch them, as I have told everybody not to remove any paper from my room without my knowledge”. Telling truth by Rattu could have created havoc. He then patted Rattu for his running back from his office on bicycle, to trace papers, which was quite far off. Baba Saheb asked to put some chairs in the lawns as he wanted to sit in the sun and take rest. But soon there was uproar outside. A large number of his followers carrying party flags and shouting slogans entered the main gate. Baba saheb although tired met them, had chat with them. This way they all had his Darshans, not knowing that was their opportunity to see and meet their saviour. They went back shouting “ Baba Saheb Zindabad”. Just then his pet dog Mohini came and sat in his lap, Baba Sahed fondeled her for some time. Shortly thereafter Bhagat Amin Chand , President Harijan Leage Delhi, wearing spotless Gandhi Suit came and touched Baba Saheb’s feet, stood in reverence for some time then occupied a chair. When asked, the purpose of his visit, Bhagat replied he had come for your darshans and blessings. Baba Saheb said you people have enough of blessing already, why you come to waste his time? On this Bhagat Ami Chand replied , Baba Sahib, we in the Harijam League are enjoying fruits of your struggle, and sacrifices, for which we are grateful. More you abuse us more benefits are showered on us by Congress Party”. Baba Saheb looked at him closely, listened what he said and had a loud laughter. N.C.Rattu described in his book, that as “ last laugh”. Baba replied “Alright”, “Goaded by your conscience, go your own way, enjoy the benefits you drive from the Congress Party and the Hindus but do not also forget the grateful of your benefactors, the bread givers, like a dog, whom left- over food is thrown from a distance by its master, while relishing it, never forgets the kindness of his master and the beneficiary, wave its tail in gratitude”. Bhagat got up, concealing his smile, touched Baba Saheb’s feet and left the place. Baba Said to Rattu, Just see, to what level they can fall, having no sense or respect for dignity, just to fill their bellies. Baba Saheb indeed had a great dislikes for such politicians for their destructive roll, they not only bring miseries but disgrace also to community. At 8O’clock in the at night a delegation of Jains came to meet Baba Sahed as per previously fixed meeting.Baba Saheb was not in mood to see them,but still did. They gave a book “ Jain Aur Buddha” and requested him to attend a function next morning to discuss some common points about Buddhism and Jainism with their Muni. Baba Saheb promised to attend, only if his health permitted and asked them to check on phone before coming to escort him to meeting. Even during their meeting Rattu was anointing his head with oil, which gave him some relief. On departure of the Jainies. Baba Saheb closed his eyes was singing in feeble voice. Soon the voice became a little louder and Rattu listened the song wording as“ Buddam Sharnam Ganshami, Dramam Sharnam Gashami, Sangam Sharnam Gashami”. Then Baba Saheb asked Rattu to play on radiogram his favourite pre recorded Buddha songs. Baba Saheb started sing and playing his fingers with the Sofa side fully in consonance of radiogram music. He was still under the spell of song, when Sudama his servant came twice in succession to tell, dinner was ready. Baba Saheb said he will take only little rice and nothing more. While passing through main hall , housing large library. Baba moving with Rattu’s help, sat down in a chair near a table, took out his pen from a small iron box, looked up to some papers. Servant again came, Baba Saheb got up , walked looking at his books. He checked the new arrival of book he ordered 2days earlier.He took out some books from almirahs and gave to Rattu to place them on his table near his bed. Before entering dining table he had a long look on his lifelong friends, his books, which were dear to him even more than anything else. He was helped to sit on a chair near kitchen , took some rice, pushed the plate with some left over rice asking Rattu to take. He asked Rattu to message his head, Rattu did it , After some time he got up from the chair with the help of a staffer uttering “ Chal Kabira Tera Bhav Sagar Dera”. He moved a bit then again turned to have glimpse of his books, perhaps not knowing it was his last glimpse.” They moved to the bed room, he sat on the bed and asked Rattu to press his legs. It was around 23.30 hours, and Rattu wanted to go home and take rest, as he was continuously without rest for the last four days. Rattu humbly asked , Baba Saheb, if he had to stay back or go home that day. Baba Sahed said him to go his home. When Rattu reached main gate, the servant came running, asking him to come back as Baba Sheb wanted him back. Rattu went back. Baba asked him to hand him over the two draft letters written to Atre and Joshi and to , Buddha Sasna Council and also typed copy of the preface and introduction which he will go through when you go home. He also asked Rattu to come early next morning as those letters were to be despatched positively next morning without fail. Rattu asked if Baba liked he would fore going home and stay back. Baba said no, you have not gone your home for the several days past and expressed his gratefulness for Rattu doing so. Baba also told Rattu, he was alright, you should not have worries. Rattu bowed in reverence which proved to be the last. So that day Baba woke up at 3.30 am and retired well after 12O’clock in night. This way he worked over 20 hours even on his last day of life. Words 2661 Dated 07-12-2020 Material Source: Last few years of Dr.Ambedkar by Nanak Chand Rattu 2. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the messiah of Down trodden by Janak Singh. 3. Dr.Ambedkar,Life and Mission By Dhananjay Keer. 4.My Experiences and Memories of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar by Shankranand Shastri.

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