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Woman Member of Dr. Ambedka’s Karvan SMT. J. ESWARI BAI, (1920-1991)

Woman Member of Dr. Ambedka’s Karvan
SMT.   J. ESWARI BAI, (1920-1991)
            ( Saluting golden hearted Lady on her 28th Death anniversary on 24th Feb,2019)
Smt J. Eswari Bai a Mala Caste lady was born on 1st December, 1920 in Hyderabad then ruled by Nizam of Hyderabad. The Mala caste (Boatman, fishermen) is now a scheduled caste.She was a champion of cause of SCs/STs, the weak, the poor and women. Her father Shri Balleppu Balaram was member of Adi-Hindu (Aboriginal) Jyotonaati Sabha which was committed to active social work. Madam Eswari Bai was hard working with a
sharp mind and she passed her B.A. She was greatly disturbed with the miserable poor conditions of her Depressed Classes peoples. Hyderabad was a Muslim ruled Hindu majority state and caste based discrimination was rampant. The Depressed Classes people were the worst sufferers. They firstly suffered discriminations for being classified as Hindu and secondly from Caste Hindus hands as they being Untouchable. Their fate carried only discrimination at the hands of both Hindus and Muslims. Thereafter Madam Eswari Bai decided to devote herself to social service for Dalits.
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar converted the Indian Labour Party (ILP) into a full flagged political party “All India Scheduled Castes Federation" on1 8-20 July, 1942atNagpur. She joined the All India Scheduled Castes Federation from the very beginning. She worked with zeal in the SCF party. Her keen association with SFC and working for achieving its ideals reflects from the fact that she contested thrice as the SC candidate. Madam J. Eswari Bai contested in 1952, 1957 and 1962 respectively from Huzurabad (R), Jangaon (R) and from Yellareddy (R) constituencies for the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. She won from Yellareddy (R) constituency for assembly seat in 1967 and got elected. Again, she got elected in 1972 from the same constituency as RPI party candidate.
After the formation of the Republican Party of India, shejoined it. Later she was associated with the breakaway wing of RPI headed by Shri D.A. Katti. After the death of Shri D.A. Katti, then President of RPI in 1986, Smt. J. Eswari Bai was unanimously elected President of this break away group of RPI.
Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Castes Welfare Association said in a release dated May 15, 2008 that Eswari Bai was elected as a councilor of the Secunderabad Municipal Corporation in 1950. Eswari Bai started a fair price medical dispensary in Chilkalguda to help poor patients. She also got established a vocational 'Work
Centre for Women' in 1950 and trained number of women in tailoring, spinning, knitting and other crafts and later the trainees on their own started self-employment units. She also constructed a school at Chinta Bai, Chilkalguda, with her own funds and later donated it to the government. She served as secretary of Indian Conference of Social Welfare (ICSW) and a member of the Indian Red Cross Society. She served as a chairperson of the Women and Child Welfare department. As legislator she was instrumental in bringing legislation for free education of girl students up to higher education. Madam Eswari Bai was force behind in getting land distributed to the landless poor formers as MLA. She worked hard to protect the constitutional rights of Dalits. She used to fight against all social evils, atrocities and injustices against Dalits and women in the state. Her daughter Mrs. Dr. J Geeta Reddy (1947 born) is doctor by profession and is married to Dr. Ramachandra Reddy who is from Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh. Mrs. Dr. J Geeta Reddy is in the Andhra Cabinet as Cabinet Minister since 1989.    Smt J. Eswari Bai tried her luck again when she contested in 1978 (from Jukkal), in 1983 (from Andole) and in 1985 (from Andole) but failed to make it to the Assembly. She again unsuccessfully contested from Amalapuram constituency for the Lok Saba in 1977. But during all these ups and downs, she continued to dedicate herself for the Depressed Classes cause and stuck to Ambedkarite movement particularly for Dalit women empowerment. She was non-compromising Dalit leader on her committed principles. She had a strong team of dedicated comrades including Shri P.V. Manohar from Hyderabad and Shri B.V.Ramanaiah from Amalapuram. She lived and died with the flag of Ambedkarite movement. She passed away on 24th, February 1991 at the age of 71. J Eswari Bai's statute stands errected at St John's circle in Secunderabad to keep her memories fresh in the minds of Andhra people for whom she lived, worked and died.
Source material:- Dr.Ambedkar and His Associates By Er.H.R.Phonsa

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