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Derailed Goal of Indian Equality

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                                      Derailed Goal of Indian Equality.  Image result for Constitution of India                                            
                                           ( Revisiting Constitution on the 70th Republic Day falling on  26-01-2019)   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The nature has bestowed India with abundant natural resources. It has also enjoyed the title of Sonney Ki Chirya (Golden Sparrow) for the excellence vision of our ancestors. We rightly claim to be the oldest civilization of the world. Despite all this the distribution of National resources among all sections of society have been unfair from centuries with distinction of continuing this even after attaining freedom seven decades ago. In ever selfish  human world colour and economic disparities continues. But India in addition to  the colour and economic disparities ,the caste hate and division disparities are followed. The colour and economic disparities can be won over but not caste hate among Hindus. Efforts of  caste reformists have had little success.  On attaining  freedom from the foreign ruler in 1947, India adopted  on 26th January 1950 Our constitution with basic ideals as  SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation.                                                                                                                                                             
Despite all round progress since 1947 a larger chunk of population still feels it is not equally cared. The constitution guarantee of EQUALITY of status and of OPPORTUNITY   is sever casualties as also  many other Fundamental Rights. Even after attaining freedom country has mutually witnessed India slipping into two Bharats Rich or Elite and Poor or Deprived Bharat having hardly anything as equality social, economic, caste unification meeting point. Even in the all-round country progress the condition of Deprived Bhartiyas have changed but little. It looks as if  India is being run as a business house by Elite Bhartiya and not a welfare state as per the canons of Constitution creating all pleasures for the Elite Bhartiyas at the cost of discomforts to the other.                                                                                                                                            Global Wealth Report 2016 places India as the second most unequal country worldwide   ( the Credit Suisse Research Institute). A study by a Berlin-based NGO pegs India as ‘Most Corrupt Country in Asia-Pacific Region. Records say that  since 1951-2018   nearly  207 scams took place involving enormous money  . In nine shamefully top scams (2003-2018) Rs 6,71,420 crores were pilfer- aged by  corrupt politicians, business persons including  their relations and  henchmen.  Elite India is for Bullet Train and the other is for increasing trains frequency and increase of bogies to make them climb down from train roof tops into bogies. We are a home of 21% of world’s poor. As of 2014 showing 58% of the total Indian population were living on less than $3.10 per day. Economic gap between Elite and Deprived Bhartiyas is widening with every passing day. Elite Bharat boosts of 121 billionaires (2018)  where as in poverty ridden  Bharatiyas  from 1998 to 2018 as many as 3, 00,000 farmers committed suicides( (Wikipedia). If effected farm labourers are added this figure may shoot up many times.
Indian economic capital Mumbai has $410 billion ( Rs 27.88 lakh crores) GDP, over 6 % of National GDP  ( 2018-19 estimated).  But Maharashtra sadly witnessed suicides of poor Bhartiyas farmers as large as 70,000 (1995-2017). Mumbai red light areas, bars, brothels  have over 1,00,000 prostitutes, (sex workers) out of  their country wide  estimated population of  6,57,829 (Nov.2016 UNAIDS). Underage population of prostitutes is estimated at 12 Lakhs .  All these unfortunate ladies come  from deprived Indians with compulsions of bread earning. The “The Quint, Jan. 2018” quotes that Indian top one per cent of the population  is owning nearly 73% of the total  National wealth generated showing that their wealth increased  by over Rs 20.9 lakh crores during  2017 , an amount nearly equivalent to Union budget 2017-18  pegged at Rs 21.47 Lakh Crores. However 67 crores unfortunate deprived Bhartiyas, making half of India, saw their wealth rise by just  01 per cent. 
Unfortunate among poor Bharat 454 million ( 38. 2%) of total population lived below poverty line ( Rangarajan committee report 2014). India houses 1/3 of world’s hungry and nearly 20 crores go hungry daily. The undernourished Indian population is as high as 14.5% with, Children below 5years age accounting for 30.7%. These unfortunates are non but Deprived free Bhartiyas.  Defective planning manned mostly by Elite Bhartiyas 67 million tons of food grains worth Rs92,000 cores go waste annually ( Clean India, May 12,2018) where as 7000 daily die of hunger. Recently World Bank reported that 60% of food subsidies do not reach poor and are siphoned off by middleman say Elite Bharat. Late Rajiv Gandhi Indian Prime Ministers said, in 1985, that out of Rupee One spent by government only 15 paise reach the intended downtrodden beneficiary. After 33 years again Indian PM  , N.Modi accepted it  with a little modifications telling Government development schemes initialed in the name of  poor, are enriching non poor.
 Unfortunately so claimed progressing Bharat had in 2011 over 32 crores illiterates (26% of population), 60 million children of 6- 14 years of age are out of schools, large numbers of  school drop outs, 90% of those who attend schools read very little. Despite this there is a total divide in imparting education for Elite and Deprived Bhartiyas ,  a basic need and Fundamental Right of every Indian child. In Deprived Bharat many schools are run from under the tree shades with human needs infrastructures missing, student teacher ratio is as poor as 42:1 in many govt.run schools.Poor Bhartiya Children have right to go to school not quality education .
The Elite Bharat lives in palatial buildings with large lawns, ultramodern gadgets fitted. Where as in deprived unfortunate Bharat living in slums has increased from 5.20 crores in 2001 to 12.8 crores in 2017. Four metropolitans Indian citieshave slum population varies from 15% 42% and Chennai 28%. One richest Indian has 27 storey house in4532 m2  plot in valued over $2billion. VVIP leader samadhies in  Delhi occupy   245 hectors excluding Atal Behari Bajpai Samadhi. Where as  Carpet area of a house in EWS, LIG in Govt scheme house for poor is 30m2and 60m2 respectively.
Tricks of Elite to swindle money include NPA. In March 2018 NPA of   26 PSU Banks stood at 10.25 Lakh Crores . As per CBI’s report disclosed in Indian Parliament Elite but unprincipled Bhartiya illegally hold US$500 billions in Switzerland Banks.  In Panama leaks Panama leaks (Estimated Rs 1140 crores) show names of high placed politicians including their relatives, business persons and many bureaucrats.
Despite  clear cut Laws to evict land encroachers  ,large chunk of government  lands are under illegal encroachments by  influential  persons .In J&K State alone 18,00,000 Kanals or 90000 Hectare government land is illegally encroached ( Daily Excelsior
The chances of reduction of gap between influential and deprived Bhartiyas seem little in the near future. The possibility of change lies faithfully implementing the constitution provisions of share of deprived Bhartiyas in all the four wings of democracy viz:  political, administrative, judiciary and media. But the elected representative too comes from the Elite Bhartiyas their concern for the left over Indian lot has been seen as lack lust. In the 16th Lok Sabha we have 449 crorepaties MP’s. The Rajya Sabha has 90% MP’s crorepaties  The Chief Election Commissioner has shown inability to  check abuse of  black money in elections . The SC has also left this matter  of check criminalization of politics to parliament,which has as many as 186 Mps,s with criminal case and  have 112  pending serious  criminal cases against them( 16th Lok Sabha).
The infamous caste-class-power nexus, renders most program implementation vulnerable to hijack through the unholy conspiracy among the rural /urban Elite to the detriment of the rural poor and finally, lax oversight and soft mechanisms to check and to correct inappropriate program implementation.
Of late the Constitution burning incidents are taking place besides open talks by ruling dispensation members to change the Constitution are no healthy signs for the country.
Elite Indians has created a world of their own with fencing so high and strong that hardly any person from the poverty ridden Deprived  Bhartiyas can penetrate in their domain.  Elite Bhartiyas move by daily rise or fall of census while poor by the daily market cost of Dal ( pulses) and  Atta (flour).
 Continuity of these trends are signs to lead country towards civil war, so need iron hands  free of caste prejudices to check  For better future of India ,let us listen seriously to Soami  Vivekananda  “A distribution of pain and pleasure is better, than always the same persons having pains and pleasure” .
Words 1452                                                                    Er.H.R.Phonsa

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