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                                   By: Er. H.R. Phonsa, Jammu
    Enlarged and updated
India is one of the most nature favoured land. Nature has bestowed India with abundant natural resources. It has world’s high peaks of Himalayan mountains in the North.  Himalayan mountains have not only acted as a natural barrier against foreign  intruders from the North but it controls weather year over making India as most pleasant place to live.  Himalaya peaks remain covered with snow year over. Our mighty rivers the Ganga, the Brahmaputra and the Indus with their tributaries emanate from Himalayas. Indian South Plateau having rivers Subarnarekha, Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, etc ( East flowing) and  the Narmada, the Tapi or Tapti and  the Sabarmati( West flowing). Length  of  Indian Coastal line is  7,517 km  out of which the south west Indian coastline along the Arabian sea  has 2908.1Kms and The South Eastern coastline along the Bay of Bengal has 2094 Kms besides this 2094 coast line encircles out 572 (Andaman Nekowar ) and 36 ( Lakshadweep) islands .For centuries the coastal areas besides providing safety from foreign invaders  provided easy trade routes supplying in abundance aquatic  food.  We are lucky to have the vast water resources; hot dry land patches (Max. Recorded Temp 520C) of high temperature ranges, snow covered coldest mountain regions (minimum recorded temp. of minus 480C), world’s wettest place  (with recoded per annum 26,000 millimetres (1,000 in) of rainfall in 1985), forest green areas( 23.8 % of land area) making India an all weather Country year around. Hardly any other country on the world map can boast of such natural treasurer. India possesses Coal (4th largest reserves in the world), Iron ore, Manganese ore (7th largest reserve in the world as in 2013), Mica, Bauxite (5th largest reserve in the world as in 2013), Chromites, Natural gas, Diamonds, Limestone and Thorium (world's largest along coast of Kerala shores). 
We rightly claim to be the oldest civilisation of the world. Despite all this the distribution of National resources India has been unfair with its unfortunate poverty ridden population from centuries. In the world among humen there are colour and economic disparities. But India has unique character   where besides colour and economic disparities, there are caste hate disparities. There are remedies for other disparities but not for caste hate among Hindus. Many good hearted reformists have tries to find solution to caste  but have had little or no  success. Even those who have left Hinduism, for reasons of caste hate disparities, to embrace, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, majority  have carried their  Hindu castes  tags along. India attained freedom after 2200 years from foreign yoke 72 years ago.
Even during this period we have  seen India slipping into two Bharats Rich or elite and poor or deprived Bharat with in India, both having  hardly any thing  as equality social, economic, caste unification meeting point.. Even after attaining freedom the condition of Deprived Bhartiyas have changed but little. India is the second most unequal country in the world according to Global Wealth Report 2016 compiled by Credit Suisse Research Institute. A study by a Berlin-based NGO pegs India as ‘Most Corrupt Country in Asia-Pacific Region. As many as  big  207 scams took place in India involving enormous money  amounts between 1951-2018. In nine shamefully top scams (2003-2018)  Rs 6,71,420 crores were pilfer- aged by  corrupt politicians,  business persons ,  their relations and henchmen.  Elite India is for Bullet Train and the other is for increase in the frequency of trains besides increase in the number of bogies so that they climb down from train roof tops into bogies.        We are a home of 21% of world’s poor. As of 2014 showing 58% of the total Indian population were living on less than $3.10 per day.  Indian government planned in 2005 to bring complete change in healthcare and family planning  through Accredited social health activists( ASHA) and  their helpers. But their monthly honorarium in September 2018 was respectively Rs 3000/-and 1500/-  which is slated to be increased to Rs 4500/-and Rs 2500/ from October 2018 claiming as a land mark by the Prime Minister Mr.  Narinder Modi. How these poor helpless workers are maintaining their families is any body’s guess. As per the International Rights Group OXFA  "It would take around 17.5 days for the best paid executive at a top Indian garment company to earn what a minimum wage worker in rural India will earn in their lifetime, presuming 50 years at work."  Elite Bharat has added 19 more billionaires to reach 121  numbers (2018) from 2017 count of 102 billionaires. This makes India to house the third largest group of ultra-rich in the world. Mukesh Ambani , who is way ahead of other Indian billionaires in terms of assets, became richer by $16.9 billion in 2018 (March 07, 2018 ET Now Digital ) with net worth Net Worth:  $ 39.6 Billion. However in 1998 only Indian Billionaire was his father Dhirubhai Ambani on the Forbes' list of billionaires with net worth of $1.2 billion. During last 20 years late  Dhirubhai  Ambani’s family worth has increased by 2205 %. But their greed to earn by applying fair and foul means becomes clear in Scraping, by J&K Governor shri Satya Pal Malik, the Insurance policy with Reliance saying it was full of frauds( The Daily Excelsior Oct.25,2018).  In poverty ridden  Bharatiyas  from 1998 to 2018 as many as
 3, 00,000 farmers ( Indian Bread producers) committed suicides( (Wikipedia) for various reasons, out  of them   bank loans outstanding and crop failures being major reason. If the number of farm labourers is added this figure may shoot up many times. Maharashtra State having Indian economic capital Mumbai has $410 billion ( Rs 27.88 lakh crores) GDP, over 6 % of National GDP    ( 2018-19 estimated).  But Maharashtra sadly witnessed suicides of poor Bhartiyas farmers as large as 70,000 (1995-2017). Mumbai red light areas, bars, brothels  have over 1,00,000 prostitutes, (now called sex workers) out of  their country wide  estimated population of  6,57,829 (Nov.2016 UNAIDS). Underage population of prostitutes is estimated as 12 Lakhs .  All these unfortunate ladies come  from deprived Indians with compulsions of bread earning. The system of Devdassies or temple dancing ladies with in age group of 6 to 37 years was shame on name of religion and religion manager Prohits, who sexually exploited helpless ladies coming from deprived Bhartiyas.
The “The Quint, Jan. 2018” quotes that Indian top one per cent of the population  is owning nearly 73% of the total  National wealth generated, The survey also showed that their wealth increased  by over Rs 20.9 lakh crores during  2017 , an amount nearly equivalent to Union budget 2017-18  pegged at Rs 21.47 Lakh Crores. Unfortunate deprived Bhartiyas with 67 crores population of poorest , as large as half of India, saw their wealth rise by just  01 per cent. 
Unfortunate among poor Bharat 454 million or  38. 2% of total population lived below poverty line ( Rangarajan committee report 2014). India houses 1/3 of world’s hungry, here nearly 20 crores go hungry daily and has 30.7% children   (below 5yrs) under weight due to malnutrition. Estimates show that in poverty ridden India 7000 die daily of hunger.  In July 2018 three sisters, aged 2,4,8 years died of hunger in National capita Delhi disproving all claims of government to care of poor Bhartiyas.  A shame to managers of secular, Democratic government  affairs with constitutional guarantee of equality for all .The undernourished Indian population is as high as 14.5% who are non other than deprived Bhartiyas.  Due to neglect and defective planning manned mostly by Elite Bhartiyas 67 million tons of food grains worth Rs92,000 cores go waste annually ( Clean India, May 12,2018) where as 7000 daily die of hunger. Recently World Bank reported that 60% of food subsidies do not reach poor ( Deprived Bharat) and are siphoned off by middleman or Elite Bharat. Late Rajiv Gandhi Indian Prime Ministers said in Kalahandi district Orissa in 1985 that out of Rupee One spent by government only 15 paise reach the intended welfare of downtrodden beneficiary. This fact is accepted by Mr. Narinder Modi Indian P.M.  even after over 30 years in a different form and percentage. J&K Governor has confessed presence of corruption during previous regimes including PDP-BJP governments ( The Daily Excelsior Oct.25,2018). 
  Unfortunate poor Bharat had in 2011 over 32 crores illiterates (26% of population), 60 millions children of 6- 14 years of age are out of schools, large numbers of  school drop outs,90% of those who attend schools read very little. Despite this there is a total divide in imparting education for Elite and Deprived Bhartiyas, a basic need and Fundamental Right of every Indian child. For Elite Bhartiyas children have ultra modern education imparting gadgets, air conditioned class rooms and transport vehicles ,proper student teacher ratio. Many of them enjoy reading in foreign universities. Where as in Deprived Bharat many schools are run  from under the tree shades with majority human needs infrastructures missing, at places the student  teacher ratio is as poor as 42:1. The quality of education is so poor that even  some teachers cannot write an essay of a few lines . British Govt. had promised to have 100% literacy in India by 1984, where as independent India reached 40.76% by 1981 with women literacy as low as 25.68%. Indian budget spending on education has hovered around 3% of GDP which has proven inadequate to the needs. The private and religions run education institutions, out of reach of deprived Bhartiyas due to Exorbitant fees , caste factors but these institutions, are getting liberal government  financial aid  and lands at throw away prices at the cost of government institutions financial health. The right to education is no right to education but right to attend school.
The elite Bharat lives in palatial buildings with large lawns, ultramodern gadgets fitted. Where as in deprived unfortunate Bharat living in slums has increased from 5.20 crores in 2001 to 12.8 crores in 2017. A slum is defined “A residential area where dwellings are unfit for human habitation being in dilapidation conditions, overcrowding, lack of ventilation, sanitation and having drinking water facilities in unhygienic conditions”. Four metropolitans Indian cities, where our majority elites live ,has percentage of slum population as given in brackets against their names as Delhi (15%), Kolkata (29.6%) Greater Mumbai (42%) and Chennai (28%). Despite this our first citizen lives in 130 hector Rashterpati  Bhawan, a richest Indian has 27 storey house in4532 m2  plot in Mumbai costing over $2billion. Not only this in Delhi over VVIP leaders has occupied  even after their deaths as their samadhies  having area as 245 hectors ( Samadhi of Atal Behari Bajpai excluded) land  along  river Yamuna Bank. Some of them died after 2000, when government decided to stop having separate samadhies. Lakhs of acres of open land is under religious shrines manned by Elite Bhartiyas . Carpet area of a house in EWS, LIG in Govt scheme house for all is 30m2and 60m2 respectively. An economically weak section (EWS) are those persons whose recently revised annual income is up to Rs3, 00,000/-. This category of people can avail housing loan from banks on subsidised interest’s rates up to Rs 5.00 Lacs to built their own houses. This amount is insufficient to purchase even a land piece for house in urban India.
Besides many other tricks of swindling government money by Elite Bhartiyas  NPA is one trick (NPA means Non performing assets, assets) created by business persons by obtaining loans from banks against  over valued/non existing mortgaged properties/stores, which have defaulted to return loans. In March 2018 NPA of   26 PSU Banks stood at 10.25 Lakh Crores or 11.8% of the total advances of 13.41%.The NPA stood at just 2.36% in 2011.It will not be surprising to note that 12 top defaulter companies account for 25% of total NPA.  Out of total defaulters RBI listed 12 top defaulters  with total out standing  NPA of Rs 2,28,668  crores and their net profit (-) Rs 27395 crores for FY 2016. But the union government instead of napping loan defaulters to recover out standings have pumped into PSU Banks, in 5 years 2011-12 to 2015-16 Rs-15, 95,000 crore.  Some of high profile defaulters have succeeded to safely fly to foreign countries making their repatriation difficult and costly.
  As per CBI’s report disclosed in Indian Parliament Elite but unprincipled Bhartiya illegally hold US$500 billions in Switzerland Banks.  Unaccented money siphoned through scams and other such means is big  shame on Indians. Panama leaks (Estimated Rs 1140 crores) show names of high placed politicians including their relatives, business persons including bureaucrats who swindled their unaccounted money to foreign land little concerning  for poverty at home. Over 3000-4000 tons of gold is estimated being  held in temples. Single Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala is worth of Rs1.2 Lakh crore and is reported to  hold 1300 tons of gold. This temple is  one  out of the 108 Lord Vishnu temples where as RBI as on June,2017 held only 566.23metric  tons of gold. It seems temple authorities   comprising of Elite Indians have  no  human heart  for diseased ,illiterate, living below poverty line Indians poor. Accumulated wealth in temples invited foreigner invaders’ to loot the booty, kill the people enslave men and women in large numbers. Heartless Brahmin poojaries accumulated precious metals and stones worth rupees  trillions  in the name of All merciful, Almighty God at the cost of miseries of common people who were diseased, naked, illiterates and ill fed .
Due to lack lust approach of farm loan wavering the suicide of farmers are continuing.  In December 2016 there was Rs 12.6 lakh crores (Equivalent to1.23 times NPA and 0.039 times of black money held in foreign banks)  as total farm loan  ( MOS Agri. in RS) but government gave no assurance to wave it off. There were 90.2 million households of marginal and small farmers in 2013 (NSS) who could be benefitted by loan wavering.  The marginal and small farmers are those whose land holding is less than 1-2 hectors (2.5 to 5 acres) .India holds 20 crore acres of wasted land under Indian Railways, State land, degraded forests, Highways which can be allotted to 4 crore landless persons/farmers at the rate of 4 acres each family which shall enhance form products besides raising status of poor farmers ( The Tribune, Ambala May 11,2009). Despite  clear cut Laws to evict land encroachers  ,large chunk of government  lands are under illegal encroachments by  influential  persons .In J&K State alone 18,00,000 Kanals or 90000 Hectare government land is illegally encroached ( Daily Excelsior Indians are poor people with rich gods. India is a house of 31million unemployed ( 7%).The avenues for employments are fully under control of Elite Bhartiyas. The share of 3.75% of total country  employment is in Government sector where a little share is with poor due to reservation in employment for weaker sections (SCs, STs, OBCs). But 3.54%of total employment opportunities are with private sector, where poor sections  have share in labour and junior ministerial jobs but tactfully  all managerial jobs are with Elite Bhartiyas.
The chances of reduction of gap between to influential and deprived Bhartiyas seem little in the near future. The possibility of change lies faithfully implementing the constitution provisions of share of deprived Bhartiyas in all the four wings of democracy viz:  political, administrative, judiciary and media. But the elected representative too comes from the Elite Bhartiyas their concern for the left over Indian lot has been seen as lack lust. In the 16th Lok Sabha we have 449 crorepaties MP’s. The Rajya Sabha is no different where 90% MP’s(RS) are crorepaties with the richest having assets of  Rs 4,078  crores as on  22-3-2018.  The Chief Election Commissioner of India  has shown his inability to  check abuse of  black money in elections due to inadequate laws. He has accepted abuse of social media platforms, fake news, control of management of electoral rolls, campaign finance, data theft, data harvesting in polling process.  In 16th Lok Sabha out of 541 winners as many as 186 have criminal cases out of which 112 has serious criminal cases against them. Even the Apex court has skipped proposing any punitive action against those elected representatives having well established  criminal cases against them, by telling , this was the domain of elected  representatives to pass any law on this account. It is not understandable that   how big  political parties will be prepared to bring any punitive law in the parliament against their own elected persons to whom they have earlier given  party tickets for contesting elections on party symbols.
 The MP’s from the poor strata to fill the reserved post cannot speak either due to their poor knowledge or due to party whips and fear to loose seat under anti defection laws. Their selection is on the basis of their party loyalty and not due to their community loyalty or community good work done.
 In the Indian judiciary only 250-300 families contribute Supreme court and Hc’s judges since 1947.  In the administration majority of senior administrative posts are held by another few families mostly from higher castes. The Indian media is held by big corporate houses with little concern for the poor. Since 1947 many hundred welfare schemes have been launched,  out of  which many schemes re-names modified/changed with the change of every Prime minister.  But these schemes have failed to mitigate the conditions of deprived Bhartiyas to the desired level.
As per version of Babu Parmanand ( 1932-2008) former Governor of Haryana Indian’s  poverty removal lies in faithfully implementing of three problems
1)     Education to all with one syllabus for all irrespective of caste, creed or religion and one rate of
         school fees for both public and private schools. 
      2)      Land and House to the landless as per their minimum need.
    3)        Job to all able jobless hands according to their skills.            
 In India the infamous caste-class-power nexus, which renders most program implementation vulnerable to hijack through the unholy conspiracy among the rural /urban elite to the detriment of the rural poor and finally, lax oversight and soft mechanisms to check and to correct inappropriate program implementation.
Of late the Constitution burning incidents are taking place besides open talks by ruling dispensation members to change the Constitution are no healthy signs for the country. The right to education is no right to education but right to attend school.
Elite Indians has created a world of their own with in India with fencing so high and strong that hardly any person from the poverty ridden deprived  Bhartiyas can penetrate in their domain.  Elite Bhartiyas move by daily rise or fall of census where as poor by the daily market price of Dal ( pulses) and  Atta (flour). With 26% illiterate the Monthly mobile-wallet payments carry hardly any meaning.
It seems that the only concern of elites for poor’s is to get their votes during elections. It looks as India is being run as a business house of Elite Bhartiya and not a welfare state as per the canons of our Constitution. All pleasures for the elite Bhartiyas at the cost of all discomforts to the deprived Bhartiyas.
 Continuity of these trends are signs to lead country towards civil war, so need iron hands  free of caste prejudices to check  what has happened in India in the past. India should be above all our personnel greed to make it again “WE the people of India----- not me a privileged or deprived Indian”.
 For better future of India ,let us listen seriously to Soami Vivekananda  “A distribution of pain and pleasure is better, than always the same persons having pains and pleasure”

Words 3267
Dated :-14th  Nov., 2018                               By  :-Er. H. R.Phonsa, Jammu

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